M1 Testers Unveiled


We should really all hope that the M1 is good :slight_smile:


it has to be good. no more freaking delays or ill kill myself…too much hype is going on…


Sebastian just said on his Youtube channel, that he has a lot to discuss with SweViver the next days :frowning:


it’s good that he does not make another blabla video like the others two


I agree that while it‘s good that they did the announcement video and showed us the M1, it would have been more than enough to keep it to 5-10 minutes at max. This way you sometimes feel like in the old days when phoning up a helpdesk which would charge you premium mobile phone rates by the minute - as if it is almost artificially extended to keep you around for extra-long…


Must be usb3 then , hope there is enough power getting to the devices with 2 usb ports and 2 large lcd’s


We produce hight speed trains to our and other conuntries. It’s not as bad.

We have german high speed trains too, as the one who drives our friend and backer @tristanc:

TristanC tell me that, together with China, we have the largest high-speed network in the world.

And we have a lot of airports, ports and harbours too, we are in a peninsula. It’s not a excuse.


saw it… he put the vive deluxe audio strap on there. No biggie



I appreciate your concern for equal treatment of the testers/youtubers, but what really amazes me is that this facet seems to be a bigger point of interest for you than the conceiled news, that the M1 seems to rock da house !! Isn‘t that getting you excited at all ?? :wink::confused:


Of course, but I want all well done. I’ve also watched the videos as anyone else, of course.:laughing:


Obviously, it’s not that I don’t like to receive good news, what worries me is that Pimax does not give a very professional image to other potential buyers, who are seeing all this from outside.


I’m not sure what to make of it. But I don’t see many Chinese related peeps on this forum. Maybe this channel is just for ‘everybody except Chinese’? Or am I being ignorant and there are Chinese related users on this forum active? I think this is a worldoutlet and they have a Chinese outlet that does supply info also. Virtually the same info, but still. Not conspiracy thinking, just a cultural issue. They know their culture, but don’t feel comfy with ‘not their culture’. They really are doing a great job reaching out to non-Chinese testers. Paving the paths for adoption outside of China. It is very complicated. But they are managing stuff better when they are given time to do so. Pimax means business. And they are growing fast at their communication profile.


There is a chinese forum for pimax as well. I think we may have some outside of the pimax team here.


Do we know for how long the tests will be going on ?


We dont even know if any other testers have gotten the headset yet. If I were a betting man I would say a week or two ? but its just a guess.


WHAT??? You’re “deleting pimax pressure posts from now on” ??? What a load of horseshit… I was joking ffs


No joking. We need to stop unnecessary pressure. The rules for the beta was set & the pressure topic closed.

Please respect pimax & the testers as at this point in time we need to wait & be happy with the info released until the closed beta has ended & the results published.


I have good news. One of the M1 is heading to Korea. :wink:


What you mean? Please give us more details…