M1 Testers Unveiled


I heard from the VRMANIAC, the Korean VR community.
He said “M1 is expected to arrive soon to the VRMANIAC management team”


I’m Chinese, I’m not good at English.I also bought PIMAX8K, and I was waiting for the delivery


Awesome! thoes guys know their stuff


Hi MooNight. Is there a Chinese forum for Pimax? do many people use it? Thanks


Your English appears to be good enough. :slight_smile: We are all waiting for delivery. There is not much for us to do, until we hear the results of the M1 testing. Let’s all hope that the M1 is also good enough and that Pimax will begin the final production soon.

My Chinese is very poor. I can only recognize a few glyphs, so I depend on Google to translate.

你的英语似乎足够好。:slight_smile: 我们都在等待交付。 在我们听到M1测试的结果之前,我们没有太多的工作要做。 让我们都希望M1也足够好,Pimax即将开始最终的生产。

我的中文技能非常差。 我只能识别几个字形,所以我依靠Google进行翻译。


Thanks to Neal_white using Google translate, we are now at war with China… :neutral_face: /s

Nah. Of course not. Just kidding, Neal. I do hope Google translate doesnt give ambiguous results to Chinese language.


LOL! Google translate is pretty good, but here’s a tip: Take the translation, paste it into the left pane, then translate it back into your native language and verify the results.

The last line was originally translated as “My Chinese people are very poor.”, which sounds like I’m mistreating my servants or something. I changed the translation source to “My Chinese language skills are very poor.”, which seems to have translated better.


Pressure?? There are actual “real” pressures in life like putting food on the table or keeping a roof on top of your families head. Or even stretch far and wide to see the death & destruction of famine in certain countries.
So lets get things in perspective and stop acting like a Robot. I said it in jest.
And you probably don’t know what i wrote in the first place?
I was actually responding to a comment made by Sebastian @ MRTV on youtube and an actual M1 tester. He has done an unboxing video and wanted to release it and wanted his viewers to ask @uhsnux on here(which i did). And now i get this backlash from the pimax police???


Yes uou were responding to a request to pressure for an unboxing video after the topic dedicated to it was closed. You bumped it in another topic.

But we are agreed there is no reason to apply needless pressure. When there are real world issues one could pressure famine & such.


there is no backlash here? i think your being overly sensitive.

It was I that deleted your post because it was not Sebastian’s place to ask the whole VR Community or all of his subscribers to bombard 1 person on this forum, especially a Pimax key member!

I closed the main thread which was full of people harassing her with posts saying ‘let Sebastian show an unboxing video’ - tagging her name in any post sends her a messages, and there were a lot of them!

after closing that ticket yours and a few others posted in other threads the same text… i went through them all and deleted them. It was this forum that asked for moderators to be more active! and we are, but we are not being unreasonable. sending tons of messages to 1 member is close to harassment, i’m sure if everyone was sending you a message with the same phrase you would ask us to step in too.


We have very different interpretation of the word harrassing. We were just asking based on a request from a Tester. Someone could of had correspondence with MRTV to make a video to stop people from asking her. But instead we had blanket deletions wth no explanation from “overly sensitive” moderators.


Is anyone else concerned about the testers collaborating instead of coming up with independent results? If I was Pimax I would want to hear everyone’s view independently so I can see if there are themes that stand out across a sample of people. I wouldn’t want everyone getting together and collectively deciding what the issues were. If I was Pimax I would have the NDA enforced between different testers.


with my posting I meant another point: that there are problems


I honestly think it was right call to shut that down. I remember hearing it in video and wincing.


A little bit. On the one hand i would not want them to contaminate each other
. on other hand they can attempt to reproduce bugs across 2 installs/ hardware units so that’s valuable.


Yes, he also gave me the feeling that there is something that he did not like. For example, I did not see him very happy when he picked up the prototype and said that they had been trying this THING for a while.

But it’s just this feeling in some points of his videos. But he could be kidding or tired.


How long the testing will take !!!
At CES it took like 10/30m
We came up with this https://www.roadtovr.com/ces-2018-pimax-8k-hands-on-long-way-kinks-to-iron/


i suppose that the testing will take as long as it takes!

I know thats a pants answer but Pimax has not said how long because they cant anticipate things like delivery dates & everything the community has asked them to test (see other topic) - there is a hell of a lot of apps and games the community want them to try. Each tester needs to be happy they have covered everything or the community will be up in arms. But you have to remember that not all the testers have their units yet! In fact we only know of 2 so far. So testing essentially has not started properly until all testers have the devices and have compiled the testing games/apps/content etc…


“Blanket deletions from overly sensitive moderators”

As you are the only one that had your post deleted after a Topic was closed is hardly a wide spread action. I think you mean to say you were sensitive to your post being moderated.

If anything I feel for botg @SweViver & @mixedrealityTV whom are being treated poorly by the public whom seem not to understanding the process going on & what an NDA is. Both these gentlemen need our support with the public who now see them dangling a carrot.

@SweViver explained quite well why no Unboxing as it will confuse many of the public into thinking this is the release unit & not a prototype.

**EDITED to fix post thanks @sjefdeklerk for catching it. **


You know I can understand that they wanted to do a video and that they said more than they were willing to. But @SweViver’s reaction in that other thread, man, that was quite low, trying to do damage control by framing others like the bad guys. He certainly lost my respect there. If you make a mistake be a man, accept it and don’t go and blame others