M1 Testers Unveiled


I should have reread my post. I meant tge public not understanding not @mixedrealityTV & @SweViver.

Thanks for catching it. Will fix that for clarity. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


As far as I am concerned I have the information I was waiting for from the last MRTV video, M1 is not ready for mass production!


The more pressure to pimax & testers the worse the product at the end…


Atm - I would say the team is still performing some finishing tweaks & want to do a small batch test in the wild to confirm internal results & to give backers & the public results of the current progress that is confirmed by independent respected outside sources. At least once the results are ready to publish (after the test period is concluded).


But yeah. I don’t beleive @mixedrealityTV intended any calamity with the idea of presenting an “unboxing”; just more with all the excitement during his live stream wanted help illustrate the quality that the team has reached at this moment in time.

And who wouldn’t be excited if in his shoes. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Well it’s hard to interpret his words in any positive way (“I wouldnt be too hopeful”, his literal words when talking about how long it would take for Pimax to address the issues). They could have at least acknowledged that and could have said that that’s now he meant it. But instead @Sweviver went on a rampage, accusing others of conspiracy theories, insulting forum users, while at best this was just them incorrectly communicating what was going on (and at worst an indication that the M1 unit is very far from ready). Anyway if that’s how this guy operates then I know enough.


This whole beta test seems to have gone “off the rails”. I was surprised to see that the M1 testers are being announced at this point in the testing cycle and even more surprised to see the M1 shown on YouTube. I assumed that the NDA would have precluded such things.

The problems with early announcements is clear to see. The testers are being hounded, when they should not say anything. If their names were released along with the beta testing results, things would have gone more smoothly and they probably would be allowed to make “some” comments.

I would recommend that the beta testers avoid saying anything more, until the end of the testing and the results have been announced. Of course, at this point it may be too late to fix the damage.


I like your optimism but it didn’t sound like “some finishing tweaks”.


I haven’t seen any recent vids. So hopefully the veil is intact. Next break will look into newer vids.

Still going by last team update.


Just watched that whole segment and from his body language I can say hands down its not ready for mass production. Shit it looked like he nearly cried at one point


It is not worth all this speculation at this stage simply because we won’t know for sure until results are released.

Let’s be honest here, issues will be found that’s the point of testing. The question will be: are they showstoppers or not ?

If anyone believes that the Pimax 8K will be perfect then please reset your expectations because it won’t.

Having said that, perfection is on the eye of the beholder and it varies from person to person.

I’ll be happy if the major reported issues in V5 are addressed and the unit is fully playable at 80hz without inducing any motion sickness.

I still think that 90Hz is a must for this unit and that pimax need to accept that this needs fixing but I will wait for the tests to conclude and see what the testers have to say


link to the video please


I know for sure after watching that segment its definatly not ready for mass production. Looked like he was coming down of pills it was so obvious :slight_smile:



ahh yes the video that was over 2 hours… i didn’t bother watching that… way too long, can you point me to the segment which we are all talking about? time reference, i’m watching on my phone and i don’t want to watch 2 hours of it… will kill my data!


It’s on it, just click.


thanks for that… i tend to agree… although he was trying to make it a non bias speech… it clearly was leaning towards some bad news… hopefully not to bad though!


It will go either two ways. They will take all this “feedback” and fix it if they can or they will rush to production and send them half baked. I dont have much hope in them fixing it any further with their track record. Especially with the bombardment of info from the testers. If they do fix the problems its going to take a bloddy long time


Depends which issues are considered showstoppers and which are considered good to have (wish list)

If issues could be fixed by firmware then there is no need to wait any longer.

I’m puzzled why Pimax hasn’t published a video showing how playable is the Unit (a through lense video)

Is Pimax planning to be silent till the tests are over, I thought that only the testers were under an NDA :smile:


Its really coming down to @mixedrealityTV is not being proffessional & will likely affect folks view of his integrity. He shouldn’t be implying anything at this point and wait.