M1 Testers Unveiled


Yeah, I have to agree; it feels like he has said too much.

It does sound like there are some big issues. I’ll go out on a limb and say that I don’t think the problem is the lenses at this point. I’m thinking there may be compatibility issues with games (which were never designed for such a wide field of view), the need for a top-of-the-line GPU to avoid stuttering, and maybe issues related to the lower 80 Hz framerate.

Time will tell, as to what the issues are, if any. I do hope Pimax takes the time to fix any major problems and does not rush this out the door.


I believe that @mixedrealityTV was trying to explain that his review will be fair and square and nothing will affect his integrity.

Unfortunately, one has to be aware and careful when communicating live because you could give away some info which can be interpreted in many ways.

As much as I tried to refrain from reading between the lines I found his video implying that there is a large amount of feedback sent to Pimax especially when adding that “western people can see more things than Chinese”

But again, feedback was expected the question now is will this need a M2 unit and how long will it take to fix.


this thread has a heavy sense of deja vu. I am curious if any testers are in the USA… not that it matters but curious none the less. Hope some more faces pop up on the top of this thread in the next day or two


Im not really concerned how professional Sebastian is being. He pretty much gave away that he wouldnt be happy reciving it in the state its in. There’s lots of feedback for Pimax and dont get your hopes up that Pimax can fix the problems. That all equals massive delays


Heres the thing if its performance issues. He might have steamvr’s SS setting jacked which only adds stress to the gpu. He might also be being greedy on how high to set game settings.

But in any event with him doing what he has done. Will likely make it so no company will be willing to give him pre-release products to evaluate.

He should have stopped with introducing himself as a tester instead of non-stop asverts about pimax 8k and displaying it ar every turn.


Guess he didn’t see Roseanne’s folly.


But he didnt because supeeeeeer chats :slight_smile: haha :beers:


Certainly wasn’t a lot of ambiguity in that video, no. :frowning: Oh well, more time to save for a new gfx card.


Okay all. Let’s Table this & move on. Nothing we can do. At this time its in pimax’s hands. I am closing this Thread.

For the time being lets not speculate & find more interesting things to discuss.