M1 Testers Unveiled


Probably not allowed to raport about failures, just happiness?


He has a NDA. you can hear it back on youtube. He mentions it almost at the start (german version). Also later in the end.
He cannot tell even if it fits comfortable. But he could show that the headset fits on his head… :slight_smile:


Not sure how they are working it. It seems likely they have told testers they can do an unboxing to help generate hype. I would guess though that reviews & game play vids would need to wait until the closed testing is complete & info release date agreed upon & authorized.

I will say the rgb visor looks bigger than i recall on the v2.




SON OF A BITCH! When people asked him and people suspected that he is one of them he said NO.


f…ing like gollum my precious :slight_smile:
just jokin, have fun and keep up da good work


@xunshu. The m1 prototype is the Disport cable connected via mini dp connector on the headset? Just to confirm both cables Usb3.x & dp cables are detachable.


since xunshu already mentioned the testing of the 10m extension cable I guess so?


I imagine as well but its hard to tell by Sebastian’s vid.


I asked him but he’s beeing bombarded right now :slight_smile:


Well, I am astonish that he has broken the NDA; as I know, he couldn’t even rebel that he was a tester, let alone show the device. He said he was a tester, he showed the new device for the first time, the hand tracking module, the new lenses, that you can take out the foam, talk about it’s weigh…

He could even have caused a cancellation of shipments (to testers).

It seems to me a lack of respect towards the other testers and with Pimax, if they were not informed and in agreement.

What is happening here, @xunshu?


I had no way of knowing that Sebastian had permission to show the prototype, contrary to the original conditions to the testers, so I apologize to Sebastian for it, but it would be nice if these permits were communicated beforehand to avoid future misunderstandings.


There isnt much to hear, 20mins of bla bla bla, nda nda nda, bla bla bla…)) Im at the 5th minute right now, no idea what else he is going to explain during next 15 :joy:


that it’s also true.


He explained at the start of the english video that he contacted Pimax and been given green light to show headset and “tell the world he was one of the ten testers”


I don’t think he broke the NDA. He didn’t make any qualifications regarding the HMD at all.


There is nothing a part from the hand tracking module that we didn’t see on previous pic/vid.
I think he is being very professional and hasn’t broke any NDA.


Hi @Cdaked

I did not break the NDA, obviously. As you can tell, Xunshu herself posted the picture of me holding the device with the hand tracking module clearly visible. Of course no one will cancel shipments, actually people will be relieved that finally the M1 testers got their hands on it.

The NDA is to keep the reviews internal and that is going to happen. I have clearly communicated this with Xunshu. I also have an unboxing video ready, but I am not going to post it unless @xunshu gives the green light!

Bye, Sebastian


The hand tracking module from leapmotion has been shown earlier together with the 5k unit.


Even better then :slight_smile: (20 characters)


I don’t know to what extent Pimax thought that he was going to show it, especially considering that he has shown the new lenses, the hand tracking module, etc.

At least pimax knew it, and there will be no problems but, in any case, the other testers may not have been amused.