M1 Testers Unveiled


Ok, sorry, didn’t know. But it’s not too fair for the other testers, is it?


They are testers this is not a contest for the most clicks for their youtube channel or website.


Precisely because of that, according to what I read, everything would be shown at the same time so that none of them would stand out.


This is not a competition between the 10 testers. This is about letting the Pimax fans know that the device is out there now finally and in good hands. Again, the hand tracking module is clearly visible on the picture that @xunshu herself posted from me. The new lenses just look like all the ones we have seen before in all of the publicly available pictures. Just be happy that it is going forward.


Honestly, all 10 testers will be in the limelight. It is fantastic that I have it, and I am happy that it was finally revealed by Xunshu.



Those lenses sweet jesus.


I don’t give a f… if someone stands out or not they are testers and i as backer just want some info i don’t care for other people being mad for not being the first to show the device all i care is that i receive my Unit ASAP.


Exactly. I think that is what we can all agree on. I did not reveal it until the very end. I am happy that I finally could thanks to Xunshu’s post and now lets move on to testing. Would love to show the unboxing, but of course that totally depends on Xunshu.


I’m also interested in having news, I’m not youtuber or anything like that, but I do not think it’s funny for those who are, I hope everyone continues with the tests.


You’ve done well Sebastian and I thank you for that. it takes quite a lot to have a live stream before even trying the unit.

I’m surprised that you are here commenting instead of testing every single aspect of the unit :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work. I’m really looking forward to yours and the other testers’ reviews


No worries @Cdaked despite @xunshu revealing me first, from reliable sources I have heard that the other testers will keep on testing the device. :wink:


hope you’re writing with BigScreen and the Pimax 8k right now.


Truth the other testers might not be amused. But it stands that it is likely pimax will allow each to reveal they are a tester while showing the headset much like Sebastian has.

As for @Skynet comment. Cdaked is right that some might not see this as favorable. However with all eyes looking toward the pimax closed testing. Each revealed tester will have an increase in viewership. The public is likely to follow each reviewer to get the complete evaluation for a clearer picture.


yeah , and I hope he is writing with BigScreen by OVRDrop overlay in Elite Dangerous :blush:


The most of us know that Sebastian will get the headset after xunshu show the tracking info and it show Germany.

This is not surprise me, lol.
Great to see the lenses in video.


Precisely. Folks are going to follow all Testers regardless of format.

Folks asked for pictures of the M1 & allowing you & other testers introduce yourselves while showing the headset physically doesn’t reveal anything that would be a result of testing.


Lets keep things civil. Its just a conversation not a debate. Either way we will wait. Cdaked is simply posting a needed perspective. By posting sides of an ideal, some that might react negatively. May see the otherside & realise nothing of an actual review has been shared.

More of an introduction.


I’m only interested in how good are the units.


Indeed that will be awesome! I’m stoked at the prospective results. But still patient as i might need to schedule a few days off when the headset arrives. Just need to set an alarm to ensure i return to work. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


i an so so hype that all this is coming together. I cant wait to get into vr art tools with this badboy.