M1 Testers Unveiled


Helio, might wanna start thinking of a good way to gather all the reviews in this forum


they could leave so much secrecy and clearly inform the community of what the current situation of the viewer is.
I am a 1xx sponsor and I think I can have the same right as any tester to be informed of how the tests are being done etc …
more information for the whole community.
I think we’ve waited long enough to wait longer.
please give the green light so we can be communicated with the testers. :wink:


Nah, he did not break anything. And the very little (close to nothing new) he told got clearance by pimax.
I was happy though that the device was delivered clear and sound. Of course there is some envy, like I said,
but we should be cool about it and eagerly wait until pimax gives them clearance to say more.
The “who got what” got already spoiled partly weeks ago, so that’s no biggie :slight_smile:
I’m confident that they gonna do there best, at least in range of their capabilities which actually may be broader than plp here may think.


Likely best in a closed Topic. Reviewers may want to “share” a question & answer only topic.


Once the testing is done, we’ll have all the info we need. We just need to be patient a touch longer. With the confidence & some luck we may soon see a beautiful green beacon.


Don’t worry about anything cdaked says. If you look at his post history you’ll see he’s always complaining about something or trying to wave a red flag over something dumb.


The truth is that I would have preferred that @xunshu li herself show it on video. We have lost a unique opportunity! :wink: With the photo of Sebastian with the M1 would have sufficed. Afterwards, a few videos while we waited would have been much less problematic.


Truth is that every other backer who is not 1 of the chosen 10 would have the right to complain not being on the beta test. If someone of the testers feels pissed because the other guy showed the headset first feel free to skip the test and send the headset to me i will happily take your place without complaining.
It is beyond me how people make a contest out of everything…
The testers signed a NDA and it is possible that Pimax won’t allow any reviews to be released at all based on the M1 Units. The primary goal of the M1 testers is to “test” the Unit not to make money out of it.
What they want to show, when and by whom ultimately is up to Pimax.


Backers shouldn’t complain at all; since we will all be part of the open-beta as owners of the pre-consumer release.


Precisely, what I try to prevent is any kind of competition.


I think you missed the point.

What competition? They are Testers there is nothing to compete about if they feel they are in some sort of competition they shouldn’t have applied to a Beta Test under NDA.
The last time i have taken part in a Beta Test under NDA i was only allowed to speak about it when the product finally was released.


No day passes on this forum without some kind of concern being discussed… for me it‘s a happy day. Period.

I can‘t help but imagine that some guys listen to that Garbage song all day long - I‘m only happy when it rains…



Backer versus tester faceoff :smirk:


Of course, if it’s gonna make it past the German guy it’ll probably be excellent for everyone else. :slight_smile:
Also, leave it to the German guy to tease and torture us first. :smiley:


:laughing: The backer is analising the headset too.


I seriously want of of those NOW. It actually feels as if a weight is coming off my shoulders seeing my object of desire for the first time. I’ve been dreaming of full FOV VR for a looong time.


this isn’t a competition mate…


he’s being super annoying, just ignore him…


I didn’t miss your point at all. I just think its unfounded. A closed Beta & the early Adopter open beta.

The NDA primary purpose is to ensure order in information release & to give pimax time to evaluate test results without premature press releases.

If you looked at the requirements the team laid out for testers. Leaders & reviewers are prefered. Closing Testing til completed & agreeing on a press release date is good business. Reviewers often compete to try & “be there first”. The NDA levels the feild while also protecting pimax & backers interests a like & protects testers as well.


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