M1 Testers Unveiled


Something a bit worrying i found about the headset…i can’t find the sensors AT ALL. Did they not learn that hiding the sensors messes up the tracking? hopefully i’m over analyzing it and the sensors are there and working but idk…


Vive sensors are covered but visible craters. Its just a matter of material thickness.

The v5 was 2 thick & the extra led strip sucked too much power away from the tracking sensors. This would have been fixed by adding more capacitors to balance the power draw.


So much you can ask for :slight_smile:


there are other steam headsets using this approach successfully. They just needed to dial it in. If there is still an issue with the m1 in this regard it will just have to be dialled in further. The design theory is sound.


After all this topics and posts here at the forum… most pessimistic… this is a real… I don’t know, I’m not a native speaker, but this is sooooo good news for the soul, confidence, hope, whatever…! I’m really pushed by @mixedrealityTV , Sebastian’s video!!!
I really didn’t know how to cope with all this conspiracies build up with every news that were published by Pimax over the last weeks/months, this and specifically today Sebastian’s news today, were a a healing potion to my soul…!


I agree, the negativity and distrust were poisonous. Pimax dropped the ball there a bit too, there was nobody managing sentiment effectively


The problem with humanity in general is many don’t like viewpoints that do not reflect their own. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Please test Avatar for us! (If it was available of course…)

Flying in an awesome environment.


I hate that point of view!


Whos up next on the revele as a tester , place your bets now ,hehe feel like we getting somwear


Okay can I hold the :moneybag::moneybag::smirk::+1::sparkles: til a winner announced? I’m hoping for all betters be wrong so i can keep. :joy::joy::joy: not.


Deleted post. we will be deleting pimax pressure posts from now on.


Yeah you missed the point LOL :joy:

He was just using sarcasm to show how some people are so Opportunistic ,They tend to Lose sight of the real goal.



now thats a pimax smile :slight_smile:


It most certainly is.

I like how Sweviver’s smile matches the blue chevron of the Pimax itself. I really like the styling of the M1. It looks clean, but not utilitarian, with enough character to be instantly recognizable.


They look good right? So much better than the Vive


Reminds me of this

Really nice design for sure.


Ahh could of called that one anybody see the cable, i think someone couldn’t nt wait :laughing::laughing:


The backside of the HMD looks a bit cheap though. It’s not important but I think a tiny bit more attention to it would have created a really rounded design, it’s a bit boxy this way.