M1 Testers Unveiled


What image are you looking at it may be mere perspective as i cannot see a problem with it , @aeosofabeled got it ,but it has a rounded feel like the lens on the back face or it may be its just me


I understand your point. Any esthetic design is bound to appeal more to some people and less to others.

I’m sure the “boxy” faceted look is intentional. It stands out from the Vive and Rift. From a marketing standpoint, I think that’s a good thing. There are quite a few small players in the VR headset biz and being recognizable is important, to grow the Pimax brand.


Martin (@SweViver) happy as a child with a new toy. :laughing:


God I love how big this thing is. XD


That’s the front, I meant the back side:

If they made it a bit more faceted or at some angle too, then it didn’t look so cut off. It looks like a box this side and not a cool unit like the front does. Anyway, not important but I think it’s overlooked


People of the ROV website had passed me the link to @mixedrealityTV video in German, asking why I was saying that the testers could not tell anything. And seeing the video of Sebastian showing all, and not understanding German. Was a “WTF! He’s crazy!” moment, that’s all. For that, I apologise

But, while I understand why Sebastian has made the video, especially if Pimax asked for it, I think Pimax was not been fair to the rest of the testers, who kept quiet as they had agreed, waiting to publish all of them at the same time. In fact, I thought that we would know all the testers at the same time too, when everyone had the headsets.

Would not have been better a video with @xunshu Li showing it? A picture of Sebastian showing that he had the prototype would have sufficed.

We all want news, but things could have been done better.


I see no issue with people showing a picture that they indeed have the headset, or even a video. As long as its just showing people infact it does exist.


Does it really matter who shows it first? :slight_smile: We can’t talk about the functionality anyway. Sebastians video was an announcement that he also is a tester, which has been unofficial until now :slight_smile: I will post my video later today, but I dont mind if Sebastian was faster hehe, Im happy for him. This is all about working together now and making this product fully tested and ready for mass production!


Looks at picture Hmm, so (to abandon the topic :P) single thumb wheel for IPD adjustment, and it looks like the lenses peek through a rubbery flexible shroud, much of like the velour in the Rift CV1 - hope it doesn’t tickle my nose, like that does… :stuck_out_tongue:


So Pimax allows all testers to make a video as the prototype arrives?


Lots of round stuff going on ?


That must be because it shows the hmd on its channel instead of the pimax forum or because it talks for 40 minutes to say nothing and suggests people continually ask to subscribe to their channel.

I think that this time it was more a youtuber than an evaluator.


I meant a well rounded, overall the same, design, not a round shape. Like the front has these angles, super cool but then the back is just flat, no attention there to that stealth design.


I see your point. Of course, the part that actually touches your face needs to be rounded, but you’re right, the faceting just sort of stops. There’s a good chance that was done to simplify the assembly or the mold for that part of the headset, but it’s clearly dissonant with the rest of the design.


Sure but without telling any testing results and no close ups yet. We have to remember this is a M1 unit. Its NOT a prototype anymore, but its a pre-production testing unit, so they dont want it to be a review unit of course :slight_smile:


Hey @Sweviver, you can change your forum profile pic now :wink:


That’s completely reasonable. Frustrating to us backers, but certainly understandable. A lot is riding on this design.


I’m just really happy that @xunshu job has become much less punishing. XD It much more like wading into a cage full of kittens instead of a cage full of tigers


Hmm not sure what else could go on back there ,not much room to play with once you take into consideration the amount of space the foam has taken up ,i guess they could have made a complex shape sporning into the edges of the foam so it didnot protrude in a way that looked like it was added on after to the unit its self ,it could also be said that may make the area stronger but its possible they figure once worn unlike the front yourself and others won’t see it ,we may never know


Guys we are going off topic here… the title is > ‘M1 Testers Unveiled’

please comment as and when the testers announce they have received their M1 test unit and not bicker about who has got it 1st.

Yes some of us agree it may not seem fair on some testers\youtubers that Seb posted 1st. but Pimax has not complained and has not asked that he take it down… so lets move on.

If it continues the way its going i will lock the topic and only post the names of the testers as and when they get their units.

Many thanks