M1 Testers Unveiled


Okay, totally got it. :slight_smile:


Look at my story first and his story too. No hard feelings, we have to work all together. :wink:


Exactly. If you had been the first, I would have been happy for you, too. Let us put our energy into testing the unit and moving things forward now. :slight_smile:


That’s the spirit :slight_smile:


I want to know how long for testing and when we will know about greenlight from tester?
I estimate that the end of this month, hope pimax can manufacturing on next month.


If the Beta Testers send their name to any of the Mods here we will post them into a thread for the public to read, so the community and backers know who they are and when they got their units.

If you have a youtube channel or a way to post your reviews once Pimax lift the NDR’s you can PM that as well and we will be happy to add that to the thread…

this will mean it will be :

  • Beneficial to Pimax as your reviewing their product and it key for the VR community as a whole to know who you are!
  • Beneficial to you as it will increase your viewers as they will be wanting your honest opinions when the time comes!
  • Beneficial to the backers here as they will have multiple sources to view and salivate over!

Can those Beta testers please PM your name and the date your demo device arrives so we can start to compile the list.

Many thanks



Holy crap, the size of those lenses!!! I’m gonna feel like I am truly in the VR world!


It almost feels like your getting the last piece of choclat cake :cake: looking at the size of them ,some people worrying about light getting in though the nose piece .i think its a case of it getting out :joy:


How long the testers have…before reporting back,and yah red light boom !!!


Just wait…till you see those “videos” xd


Havnt we got hear from the other 8 testers first :crazy_face:


yeah maybe I should lol


I wish you both very good luck. I like both your approaches to this product. Happy to see how you both experience this. I’m learning a lot by feeling and hearing your enthousiasm.

Good luck and have fun. So we can have the best experience through your feedback. :sunglasses:


sweviver, I watched your video, You talked about how their wont be a review until the launch of the actual pimax8k, Does that mean that the NDA is preventing any information until they launch the headset?

I am wondering because to me that sounds like a month+ of no information besides pictures of some people having m1 units.


No mate, we will share loads of info once the NDA is over, but they just want “full reviews” of the final 8K version instead of the m1 for obvious reasons. Its quite understandable because m1 reviews could only confuse ppl…


Well stop hanging around here and go play with your pimax!


Ah good, gave me a bit of a scare for a second haha.


Not saying you wont ,because we all know you will ,so when you get the go ahead to do a Q and A and you get totaly bombarded with questions ,any idea how you going to filter out the relavent without upsetting people by egnoring them so to speak ,im guessing everyone is going to go to town like they have been with pimax over the last year ,my sympathies on that one with a big piece off green for right now lol🤢 with envy


I admit I had expected that we would be getting to know the tester’s views on the M1 once the dust has settled - but if the M1 is not the production version, but as a result of the tests Pimax decide to make a M2, I can see the point. The reviews would obviously report further flaws, the casual reader/viewer may go away with the idea that the Pimax 8K sucks.
Those who follow the progress closely and on a daily basis e.g. in this forum will know better - but Pimax should be much more concerned about all those potential customers out there who then might get the wrong idea and not be able to understand that while the M1 is no longer a true prottype, it’s flaws may still be corrected in the delivery version of the 8K. That kind of subtlety may get lost in translation, so to speak.

Hmmm, so we may be facing a longer time of silence than I thought. Again, I do understand and respect the logic behind it, it is actually wise to do so, but of course IF the M1 has further flaws which prevent production to start, I can already see the usual suspects jumping out the barn with the pitchforks in hand…


I doubt that. Most of the criticism has been towards Pimax communication. Why would people get angry if the testers find that the product needs improvement? From what I’ve seen most people are ok with delays as long as that will result in a better product. Of course when the product really has huge problems, which would result in HUGE delay’s, then I could understand people would get angry, after all, Pimax said they were very confident about this version. But I don’t think that’s going to happen, if the HMD needs changes, it most likely will be smaller refinements.