M1 Testers Unveiled


Might have been asked before but could not find any answer.
Is any of the testers getting a 5k for testing ?


I think that all are the same Pimax 8K M1.


Ideally, the M1 will be “good enough” to ship and the NDA will be lifted. If the M1 has some issues which will be fixed, imo Pimax should list the issues and provide a revised timeline for an M2 release.


News are going to be before release in any case.


Yes, but there’s a reasonable chance that M1 will be the production unit. (That’s the best case scenario.)


I hope they add the Brainwarp and increase the Screen refresh rate.


If still planned. I beleive bw will be in the test run.


since we will all be part of the open-beta as owners of the pre-consumer release

Say what now? we aren’t getting the final version?


It will most likely be like any other product where despite the product being finished and released it can still be improved/or downgraded for smaller improvements to weight, comfort etc.

Take the vive as an example it has a totally different cable now, weighs less + other changes.

These are simply risks of being an early buyer.


There will likely be mild changes based on our feedback; prior to the consumer release.

The Kickstarter even said the ks release will be close to the consumer release. All electronics go through revision over time. Just look up gaming console models # or even Motherboard models are revised.


Sorry maybe this is off topic but I can’t find where I can address to testers and ask them to test hmd with specific games/applications? And not to only 2 testers. Is there specific thread for this?


I would say if needed. Simply create a Topic in the 8k category & stipulate as the op rules.

Ie M1 Testers Could you test:

This topic is for suggesting programs for the m1 testers to try after the closed testing completed.

Please read through the list & like programs instead of bumping with needless posts.



Interesting post… Ultra wide


Where did you find it?


just comparison of vive pro & pimax 8K.


Good spotting @crony I thought it was new tester leaks :slight_smile:


Am I the only one who saw this?



Where do you get from?

May be this is vive headstrap.