M1 Testers Unveiled


Looks like a Vive deluxe audio strap. Maybe the were able to retrofit?


I found it in the german speaking “Daily news # 5” from Sebastian. I hope he don’t get problems about that…
between 09:36 and 09:48


Okay may be he want to test the headset with fit strap in real using, but I think Sebastian still need to test by normal strap too.


Looks pretty good.
Have you guys ever noticed an audio jack on the headset?


old age getting to my hearing ,damned you heavy metal 9.20 in (full) review :open_mouth:


Sebastian confirmed there is a 3.5mm jack on the M1 HMD.


and there is 3x USB C + 1 at bottom connected to leapmontion


No. Sebastian is telling nothing about the pimax. Just telling SweViver is his guest and they will talk virtual reality. The headsetstrap looks like the one from DeLuxeAudio from HTC Vive. Sebastian has several VR sets in his possession, so there is nothing shocking about it.


Sweviver is pushing the limits a bit:

„One of the few moments of just taking a break, leaning back and smiling inside. It’s funny some people still don’t belive this is a real thing… :slight_smile: #GoChina #Pimax8K #Pimax #8K #VR #VirtualReality

That may be a tiny bit of foulplay on the secrecy, but it gives me reassurance that the M1 at the very least is not a pile of junk :boom: :heart_eyes:


hahaha. honestly, its good to see but this was a foregone conclusion to me. Pimax wasn’t going to send this thing out to a bunch of people in a state where it was likely to be rejected by them. I expect many little ‘nipple slips’ of nda due to pure excitement.


Their YouTube channels. They actually ask you to ask them questions in the videos they have done.

They are also members of this forum so you could @ link them to your questions and if lucky, they reply to you.


Smimax, by Pimax :slight_smile:


Any more testers revealed than the two in Germany yet?


not at this stage, it is weekend so bear that in mind… i will ask Pimax via PM for an update for you all… I will post in the Meet the Beta Testers topic which is pinned on the top of the 8K category here: Meet your Pimax Beta Testers when i get updates :slight_smile:


Swedish Viver, Sweviver in short, is from the well-known German state of Sweden… :joy:

No, I am slightly wondering where the reports on other testers area at - you would expect the other European ones to reveal themselves today too…


As far as I know, Leipzig in Germany is the DHL hub for the Europe (or some part of it), so it is possible that other European testers (if there are any) have their packages routed through Germany and have them delayed a day or two. Especially the Iberian Peninsula is the wild land. For sending anything there you sometimes are better taking the horses :wink:


I look forward to many more nipple slips! lol


It’s definitly a DAS, at least it looks exactly like it and the part where it connects to the hmd is obviously improvised. If the Pimaxstrap comes later it’s awesome to know I can use my DAS until then with a bit of McGyvering. Sebastian has a already sorta habbit plunging the DAS to other headsets. He made a video modding the Oculus Go with it, although in this case it was a questionable mod since the ideo of the go is beeing as simple as possible :slight_smile: But it is a hell lot of fun seeing him just getting creative and doing nerdy stuff, like that a lot.


BTW any news from voodoode? I’d bet my butt that he is the other german tester, which would be awesome. Just hope that mail did not screw up or he’s just waiting a bit so that there’s gonna be some more exitement and not eating that small NDA cake at once.


Thanks man. I appreciate that you would like it that I will get the M1 :wink: