M1 Trial Assembly



go go go!
it’s about time :smile:


This rocks. Fingers crossed.


Go! Go! Pimax Rangers! :laughing:


Cool ,best of luck , I’m sure you will be successful :wink::grinning::grinning:


Wohoo! Cant wait! Good luck!


M1 built by ninja’s confirmed.

Good luck PIMAX team, the industry needs a few good examples of success outside of the capitalist business model that has been to the detriment of consumers and innovation. I suspect the VR industry giants in their ivory towers will be watching. The best of luck to you.



I want mine now :cry:

One of them forgot the gloves


YES YES YES Doing really good !!!:laughing::see_no_evil::eyes::crossed_fingers:t4::trophy:


Now your getting it!! More updates like this please… We want to see what you see…


Here they come…visitors straight from the future…no wait its Pimax. :relaxed:


Go, baggy Storm Shadows! :snake:


She’s going to be the reason there’s a hair follicle in my Lenses ,lol


thank you for your hard work



What ???

They are assembling M1 in an abattoir ?
This picture, my friends, is a clear indication of the carnage that is about to come when Pimax 8K will be released. It will slaughter all the rivals on the market.

P.S. I can bet someone will receive a M1 set with at least one glove trapped in. Damn if that will be @sjefdeklerk I will laugh to death because this little one will make it work with or without glove inside. Force is strong in him.


1.21 Jigga watts


Thank you for the news !


Patience ,

The post will be here soon


keep going pimax :kissing_heart: