M1 Trial Assembly


it’s from another world :slight_smile:


Brilliant move xunshu! :slight_smile:


BADASS PIC !!! … Hope that everybody is OK LOL :laughing:


Do you mean its “Intergalactic, planetary, planetary, intergalactic” ? :wink:


Work in progress :heart_eyes:


Pimax, update the Kickstarter page, don’t keep non-forum visitors in the dark.


Am i the only one refreshing the forum page 20+times a day just to check if there was an update or not?


No, you are not the only one.


Nope, you’re not. I am too, but i guess more often than you. I’m desperate. i want my PIMAX 8K NOW, like literally NOW…, can’t wait any longer :frowning:


I typed 20+ because i didn’t want to sound crazy… It’s probably closer to 50+ haha.


Thanks for the reminder. For all the updates after the campaign closed, including an update called: Last call for communication through Kickstarter, we are trying to lead people to the forum and facebook closed group (8K VR CLUB) for progress updates.
but we will still update important information e.g. fill in the survey, shipping etc. in Kickstarter to make sure every backer get noticed.


it’s probably just me, but please do not do it exclusively on facebook, I do not use it and do not intend to use it. I read that you will be using the forum as well.


No, we won’t use facebook as the only channel.


Good, because I don’t use Facebook. :thumbsup:


I need to actually delete mine… Was thinking about doing it before the whole “we sell user data” came out.
I never use it so…


On the bright side when the Pimax 8K probably ships, I am guestimating September 2018.
It should be just in time for 1180 ti / 2180 ti that we need to get the best out of it. :slight_smile:


Why are you talking about September shipping ??? @Merlin Q2 no !!!


I think he’s just going with a wide estimate. I’m sure we’ll have a shipment update after the m1 test is complete. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


it just kinda scares me now when i hear delays sry :joy::crossed_fingers:t4::beer:


That’s sick. With so many headsets on your desk you could spend your time nicely.