M1 Trial Assembly


And yeah, are shit, im sick of low resolution and small fov. I want to be 100% immersed ffs and great resolution…


Lol indeed but its not the 8k :smirk::beers:


Exactly and nor that beauty of 200deg fov :frowning:


“M1 built by ninja’s confirmed.”

Built by ninja’s what?

There’s a word missing after ninja’s…

Built by ninja’s hands?
But by ninja’s best friends who work in a lab?

Or maybe the word is missing after confirmed.

Built by ninja’s confirmed engineering skills?
Built by ninja’s confirmed cadre of excellent engineers?


She’s going to be the reason there’s a hair follicle in my Lenses ,lol

You mean no gloves?



No just being realistic, M1 ships to reviewers adjustments suggested, final productions requirements dialled in and then the production run of over 5000 units plus controllers etc, this takes time and we do not want it rushed and yes I would like it now as well.


Yes maybe a realistic Guesstimate. But a guess/hypothesis non the less. :v::sunglasses::beers:


And this is why I’m happy that I’m backer 201.


Want to swap positions , I am 7,090 :grimacing:


Makes me feel a bit better @Possyguset with my 2365 :sweat_smile:


You’ll get yours before me. I’m backer # 3118.


My bad sorry…2310 :laughing::hugs:



  1. So…did all the pieces fit together in your trial assembly?

  2. It would be awesome if you could start shipping before we have a full-blown trade war. Just saying…:slight_smile:

  3. @Possyguset, how are you backer 7,090 when Kickstarter says there are only 5,946 backers?


I think Pimax is using 5946 to represent number of backers. Where, as for example, I am backer number 67XX that is probably the pledge number as some backers have multiple pledges and a few pledges are likely smaller than the minimum to garner a hmd and were just given in support of the project.
Pimax referring to the pledge number as the backer number is a little confusing. Must have used the same math as they did when coming up with the 8K label. hehe
The irony is neither number likely represents the actual numbers of shipping units. When your order ships may be based on who in the survey will choose to wait for say controllers or lighthouse and or maybe 90Hz.


When nothing has changed from the official kickstarter backing numbers there are

  • 370 Pimax 5k Headsets (6.4%)
  • 5016 Pimax 8k Headsets (86.7%)
  • 400 Pimax 8kX Headsets (6.9%) (*)
    There have been some Party and Fun Boost Packages containing 14 or 5 8k Headsets. I added those 210 to the 8k ones.

(*)could be slightly more or less, there were options to switch 8k/8kX

and BTW there are 5946 backers stated as total number whereas 283 just backed 5$ for getting on the news channel… the higher ranked numbers result from backers cancelling which was possible until right before the deadline… so way more than 1000 backers cancelled the pledge…


If it really became some messed up thing where I, Number 84, had to wait longer to get a standard 90hz I would be forced to wait, and would proceed to set my self on fire.


There’s no guarantee that any unit will hit 90 Hz. Personally, I wouldn’t get too hung up over 1 number. Assuming Pimax delivers most of what they promise, it will still be better than any other headset currently available.


How do you find out your order number?


Go here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pimax8kvr/pimax-the-worlds-first-8k-vr-headset

Login, click View Pledge on the lower right. Scroll down to the “Backer number”. I’m in the 3000 range.


Could be worse, out of 5946 backers, I’m #5789 :sweat_smile:.