M1 Trial Assembly


But you are a backer, while everybody having missed the KS campaign but getting hyped now is desperately trying to find out when the commercial release will be and has absolutely no information on that - imagine how you would feel then ! :smile:


In that case I’d probably just make do with my Vive until it did release, no point getting worked up over something that you can’t change :slight_smile:. I only found out about the KS campaign a couple of days before it ended, and by then they had already sold out (so to speak) of the full 8K package pledges, but to my pleasant surprise, following a quick email to Pimax, they split some of the large 8K bundles up in to individual sets which allowed me to back the project. I thought that very considerate of them given the short time it had left to run.


That’s a big number. It’s not just a stat. It’s the fluidity of life in vr. Vr isn’t like normal gaming. Fluidity is sooo important.


It will be an individual thing how significant the difference between 75, 80 and 90 Hz will be. Some will not be sensitive to it at all while others will be. And then there are sceptics who fear that the FoV increase will demand a higher refresh rate to achieve equal comfort - for the moment I believe this is speculation and has not been confirmed.

As I mentioned in another post, I did not notice any difference between the V2 (apparently @80 Hz) to my Rift/Vive (@90 Hz) when trying Fruit Ninja, not even in the parts where I shook my head wildly. But of course the scenario was static in the sense that I was not moving within the scene.

As ever in this forum - let’s wait and see.


i’m 5,xxxx . i will cry now :sob:


Well if the manufacturing capacity is indeed over 4000, you would probably just have to wait one month extra. That’s fair I think


Honestly, if things go well, we are looking at deliveries commencing end of Q2, meaning end of June, right ? So we are effectively talking of July and August where hopefully the majority receive their 8K. For the Northern hemissphere that means it is summer; boiling, sweating summer. I remember the summer of 2016, my first experience of VR in the summer. First I got frustrated with the fogging, until I eventually accepted to turn my attention to other activities as long as it is too hot & humid to have fun with VR goggles pressed against my sweaty face. Unless you are in a different climate zone or live in an air-conditioned building, don’t get too excited about having to wait a month or so longer…


Jup. Getting the HMD in the midst of summer is kind of a bummer for sure for the mentioned reasons. I also like to be outside in summer all the time but hey, the weather will be the last thing I will complain about. I might even buy or rent an airconditioner if this turns out to inhibit my VR experience much


Truth you won’t know how important or not til you try the headset for yourself.

Often its not as bad as you expect or its worst than you imagine.

Going with how the headset has been received so far at demonstrations; I think you’ll discover its the first one. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


But will definitely be a boon for fall winter. :beers::blush::+1::sparkles:


Backer #6 :slight_smile:


#1430 here. Hope I am the first batch



As it is Pimax, I am confident they make it a lottery draft… inadvertendly… :joy:


Backer 62XX ripperioni :confused:


6123 reporting in. It was really a fluke of luck that I even found out about this headset. I got in late but I got in and that’s all that matters to me.


4893 here. i was in doubt for a long time and just waited for more hands on reviews, i’m happy i did it. but i go nuts waiting for it. nuts!


Even worst if you’ve tried the v2/v3 lol


I waited until I got to try v3 in Amsterdam and immediately backed after that. Was basically at the end of the KS so i’m late. Too bad I had a chance to visit amsterdam because I would have backed way sooner but thought it would be a smart move


When I woke up the day of the Kickstarter… one of the first things I did was check to see if the Pimax Kickstarter began. I was shocked that in fact it did. The backer count was already something like 85. I began entering in my information into kickstarter but I had to take a piss so bad that I had no choice but to stop and relieve myself. When I got back (no more than 3 minutes) and finished entering the information… I got number #352. Man, did those backer numbers fly the first day!!!


6.4XX here :grimacing: :coffee: