M1 Trial Assembly


118 here, I must have got up at the right time :grinning:


6,9** reporting in. Ffs. I was bumbling about all week checking out reviews before I decided to back. Then all the 8k packages were gone, but lucky for me people were pulling out, right at the end & I grabbed one. At least the weather might be cool again when mine arrives :joy::sob:


and for better or for worse you will know what to expect lol


Won’t 5k headsets be produced in one run so we could get them early or very last ones
to be made , I suspect first run to clear 5k out of the way as I believe Pimax will not be selling 5k after kickstarter


Why wouldn’t they sell 5k headsets after the KS? Lol

There cheaper than the 8k there is a market for it.


Iirc, there was some discussion that the 5K units would be produced after the Kickstarter, as “business” units. It seems likely that Pimax would offer a lower-cost model, in some markets.


I thought that I had read it somewhere , not sure at all


I know right … I was like 30 minutes late after the launch and got #27X


I have no idea to be honest.
My only guess is that they will be produced at the same time and be sent depending your backer number.
still hoping to get it in Q2 but time made me a bit pessimistic .
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t4::wink:


I hate all you guys with low numbers. Congrats on your foresight.

I got my Rift in late June 2016 and was glad to have AC. I also refrained fro removing a ceiling fan despite whacking the blades a couple of times before repositioning things. Something I found helpful for fogging was using a wax anti-fogging stick that I apply on my car windshield and my glasses in winter. I applied it to my Rift lenses and the set of glasses I had made for VR. Works great.


What about the backers with low numbers, e.g first 50 people who put money an 8K-X not an 8K?

Where are they in the queue? Still in the first 50 or get shoved back to 5000+?


If you mean 8k-X backers who opted to receive an 8k til tge 8k-X is available. Then they should receive the loaner as per backer number & preference. When they start shipping of course.

8k-X (headset only) receives 8k as per backer #
8k-X Full
A) loaner ships right away controller+bs in Q3
B) Loaner ships in Q3 (chose wait 4 controller)

Assuming projected release schedule is accurate (no issues causing delays)

@xunshu can best answer


Backer # 856 for an 8K… I suppose I’m sitting pretty well to be in the 1st or 2nd wave of production… Can’t wait to see the tester reviews, if that’s happening… Once I get my 8K I’ll be developing an aftermarket head mount for sale.


I’m gonna remind you when we have the hmd my friend :wink:


Is there a legitimate reason why people are hiding the last digits of their backer number or is everyone just paranoid? :grin:


we’re hiding from Russian hackers.


Thank you for your detailed reply, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Just in case… actually, there is little conceivable harm done but it‘s sort of a matter of habit.


I am #5***, I am not unhappy as if there are any issues in manufacturing, I would think the early batches (I hope not for anyone) would show any issues.


Hi there, Cant wait to get my eyes on M2/M3/M4 etc.