Market Share Ballpark


The guy from Nvidia just claimed over 4 million PC headsets had been sold. Clearly a bit of an estimate but assuming it’s in the ball park, splitting these between Oculus, HTC and Other (using googled estimated market share ratios) gives Oculus about 1.4 mill, HTC about 0.85 mill and others about 1.7 mill. These sorts of numbers puts into perspective just how much Pimax need to get their production shit sorted if they want to get a foot into the market.


…about 6000😉


Don’t forget the 200 in Korea and the preorders so maybe another 1-2000?
But yeah the potential is huge. Htc new products are meh and probably overpriced. Valve headset is still vapourware, starvr is vapourized and xtal is a year away so could be the year of pimax if they would just get their QA & shipping sorted.