Massive comfort issue / Nose pain

Ah nice thanks, I’ll check. I’m still fiddling with the setup as it only arrived yesterday.

My crazy mod for keeping the headset from sliding forward, as worn by this fashion model.

Hehe glad that works. And you’re sure that’s not you right :smiley:

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I wish I were that good looking. :frowning:


Adding a counterweight is easy, cheap and with a bit of fiddling it’s the best improvement imo.
The velcro strap can be comfortable but a DAS is required for a premium product, hopefully Pimax will unveil it soon.


No peripheral smearing? What if you look with your e.g. right eye at some left edge position (through the nose area)?

I used a pair of small but dense rechargeable battery packs complete with short loopable cabling, and it’s made a good difference. If I find some slightly heavier items it will be perfect, without having something large swinging behind my head causing a momentum issue etc


The watery reflections on the edges are entirely gone for me, yes.

I get the slightest sense of fish eye warping in some situations, but I really have to look out for it, so that doesn’t bother me at all


I know this is a bit of a necro-thread, but I just wanted to chime in with my solution to this problem. I have a very narrow IPD (~60mm), and I have a big roman nose (technically an “Aquiline nose”)… Basically the whole HMD was resting on my nose and the pain was terrible. After a play session of an hour or so, if I went to bed, I’d still have painful red pinch marks on my nose the next morning. My solution was to make the padding that should rest against my cheeks thicker. I just used some packing foam and cut two elongated rhombus shapes and put them between the stock face padding and the plastic.

I also used some medical gauze (white stuff in pictures) to pad the lenses a bit and to block a bit of light from the gap that’s created around my lower nose.

Also, since I don’t wear glasses, and since I got some light leaking into the HMD through the glasses cutouts in the stock foam, I put little bits of cut out packing foam in there too. One additional solution to light leaking in through these side gaps is to wear large over the ear headphones since they sit pretty close to the side holds and block light coming from behind me.

I’ve ordered thicker Vive face foam from Amazon and it should be here soon, but my hack job is at least 10x more comfortable than stock and took me about 10 minutes.


Awesome stuff another user used layering Velcro to thicken the face foam where needed. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

In the Banner topic there is a link “pitool downloads” in that topic at the bottom there is a set of links “Table of content wiki” one user created a narrow face spacer for 3d printing.

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Which headset did you receive? Backer or Preorder?

@Davobkk of Studioform offers comfort mod straps for headsets.

Studioform Comfort Mod Giveaway Winners

I’m a backer…

Took a look at the comfort mods for the headsets. Looks interesting. I might try to rig up a weight to the back of my head strap to more evenly distribute the weight. But as of now it’s totally playable.

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Just to confirm 5k+?

Anyone know if this would fit?

Back in 2016 when i go my vive i had comfort issues (pain after an hour and a half) because of the HMD weighing down on my cheeks and nose but that got sorted when i figured out i could just put my hair in a knot and trough the hole in the back of the head strap, works like an anchor for the HMD and i didnt even look at the DAS when it came out.

I do the same with my Pimax and its great, the closest comparison for someone without long hair would be using a counter weight.


There is another option of three, the other one being an 18mm thick face pad. I think if you’re going to jump the gun and try it, you ought to try out the thick one since Pimax HMDs are generally pitting your eyeballs right against the lenses.

But judging from the shape, the nose bits are not going to fit properly. It curves upwards when it should go downwards. Take a look at the foam pad that comes with Pimax and you’ll see what I mean.


That’s right 5K+… (and need 20 chars)

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I ended up using a 20/22 mm one which is really comfortable (soft) and really cheap too:

There’s a gap in the nose area but doesn’t bother me. Serves as a peek hole and ventilation… :wink:


@DrWilken What’s the build quality like on these?

I ordered two 18mm ones from AliExpress, doesn’t seem to be from the same seller as the one you linked, and one of them fall apart at the seams the first time I tried applying it.

But I think I’ll buy a boatload of these since they are dirt cheap. Only $4.75 a piece and free shipping! Thanks for the link!

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I’ve used them for 20+ hours without issues so far and I’ve just ordered 3 more as they’re, as You say, dirt cheap… :+1::wink:


All this talk of face cushions prompts me to mention counterweights, which is another option.

If you are having pressure-induced discomfort on your nose or face, consider attaching some weight to the back of the headset, (at least as a quick test) to determine if it would be helpful for you. VR counterweights are available (search online), but for a simple DIY option, try this: Tape 2 smallish steel wrenches together (or use some other compact, heavy object) and attach it to the back of the headset with the Velcro loop that held your Pimax cable in a coil for shipping. I used 11.1 oz / 312 g of weight, about half the weight of the headset itself.

I did this over a month ago and my cobbled-up solution is still working great.