Maxing out P4k for adult content


Hi all,
I’m honest: I bought the 4k strictly for pr0n. Lets start with system specs:

  • Ryzen 1800x
  • Gigabyte AX370 Gaming K7
  • 32GB corsair DDR4 Vengenace LED 3200MHz
  • Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB, both power supplied

I installed newest version of piplay and went straight to some UHD/4k content. I have spend some days figuring out my ideal IPD and I think I am very close to optimal setting for me its 58

Still not satisfied with the image though. Somehow it is not sharp enough and I have a hard time telling why this is. I set the image quality render slider to 3x and still not sharp enough.

My other problem is lag. It lags wether I set quality slider to 3x or 1x,doesnt matter. I see GPU peaks in task manager, is rx580 not enough for p4k?

I wonder if AutoplayVR is shit and I should try another player. I didnt install any steam or other software so far.

I also see vertical lines every now and then. I am very sure they appear and dissapear, no matter of me recognizing it. When they appear I focused them and I am very sure they disappear.

Last question: most of these adult clips are ‘180x180’ but I found the best way to watch these is setting 180x360 can somebody confirm?


Yes i would reccommend installing steam & checkout a variety of the free players available.

The vertical lines. There are verticle defoggers (similar to car rear window) these will be noticed usually after a couple of flickers when it activates.

Your rig is definitely sufficient as i have ran mine on fx6300 with 2x7950 cf & my newer built i5-6500 with r9 390 both setups have 16g of ram.


Buy “simple vr video player” on steam. Its the best player controllable with mouse. I use DirectShow in settings.
In Piplay set slider for image quality to highest value (otherwise bad quality).


My favorite 180º and 360º player is Virtual Desktop.


Thanks guys, I installed steamVR and deoVR player because I have an xbox controller and read some good advises.

My lags seem to be gone completly! I like the saturation, contrast and zoom options. Still trying to figure out the best SuperSampling, AntiAliasing. Also unsure wich decoding engine is the best.

Image is still not very sharp. It became better but still.


it could be your video content. alot of 180 and 360 VR videos are poor quality i have found. while if u play a standard video in 4k u will see how clear the pimax 4K can really be.


So thanks to all those tips so far I improved my experience a lot by setting up ipd, picking some high quality content and changing to snother player.

I enjoy this a lot more on deoVR player atm. One thing I am still not sure how to handle: When actress come to the camera very close, face/eyes/nose appear doubled/twice, it is hard to explain, like ghosting but very wide imaged.

Someone knows what this is and how I can fix it? I tried to adjust the IPD but doesnt help. I also tried this setting called stereo offset or something like that in deoVR. this seem to help a bit but I already maxed it out to the right and problem is still not 100% gone. I hope somebody can share a tip.

thanks and regards


i think thats to do with the camera setups used to film the video. they use 2 cameras to capture the scene but when u film something close it shows 2 different images that wont sync properly. i could be wrong though.