Meet your Pimax Beta Testers


Here are your Beta Testers more will be added as they receive their devices.

Sebastian Ang | Mixed Reality TV | | German/English
Marcin Lammi | SweViver | | English
Thomas Poersch | VoodooDE | | German/English
Kevin Carbotte | Pumcy | | Canadian(English)
Spain enthusiasts group | Pacotaco, Guancho, TristanC, Cdaked and NeoSkynet are sharing one unit. | | Spanish/English
Real o Virtual | oscar_rov | | Spanish/English
Yan Feng | yanfeng | Prof. of Shanghai Fudan University | Chinese/English
Stephane Debus | maxx | | French/English

M1 Testers Unveiled
Can we have a topic which is simply a reveal of the latest testers as they are revealed? Perhaps locked to comment
List of M1 testers?
For reference: My eye test values from optician test today
List of M1 testers?
M1 closed beta update 0712


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