Microsoft Embraces Penguin



I really hope that Microsoft makes a cross platform VR headset to go with X Cloud. :slight_smile:


I’d guess they want to hold onto some market share when it comes to servers and this won’t have much of an impact for end users. Maybe some positive spill over.

A long long long time ago people joked about a Microsoft Linux Distribution. :rofl:

SteamVR has limited support for Linux but good luck with anything other than a Vive or Index(?) :smile:


There was one called MSLinux.


MSLinux was a great hoax, they got it to display on an official MS URL via an exploit. Fun times.

The Microsoft fork of the Kernel is actually for smaller devices, interesting I wouldn’t have expected that.

On the other hand Google is partially moving away from Linux:


That’s a neat read. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: