Microsoft FlightSim 2019 alpha - yaw dropping!



Guys look at this gfx , we need this sim in VR , should be stunning to see this game in 2020 @ Pimax 8k-X :

Edit , second link :


They already stated that Vr support will come later, it’s a goal for the ‘long run’…


Thi is nice :
"Games journalists who have gone hands-on so far have reported the map generation being so accurate that they’re able to recognize their own apartment complex from the air. The graphical realism is also reportedly far ahead of any other simulator on the market. From the screenshots, it almost looks photo-realistic.

The weather data is also pulled in from the live real world conditions, and the ambient AI models real flights happening in real-time. Even natural disasters can be experienced in real-time in the simulation"

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I read an article on Ars (, which sounded almost opposite and which also washed out my enthusiasm for the game :frowning:

Direct quote:

Asobo reps also made clear that VR is not currently in the cards for this version of MSFS , in spite of pretty much every member of the attending press asking that exact question. “Maybe one day, Flight Simulator will,” Asobo CCO and co-founder David Dedeine told Ars. “It’s not a commitment at all,” he added with a laugh. “But we’re already thinking about VR… We’ve worked on HoloLens, so we’re familiar with [VR]'s types of problematics.”


I guess we need Daniel Church from FlyInside to write a VR plugin
like he did for FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane. Lets address this need in the FlyInside forum.


Please register on the insider side and upvote Vr