Microsoft puts OpenXR in their store - Xbox One?



News from mspoweruser is that Microsoft just released an app that enables MR Headsets to use OpenXR apps.

From the store for free:

OpenXR for Windows Mixed Reality provides functionality which is required in order to run OpenXR applications.

I’m not sure about the System Requirements listed there… Xbox VR or cpy/paste mistake?

System Requirements
Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this product
OS Xbox One, Windows 10 version 17763.0 or higher
Architecture ARM64, x64

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Sounds interesting. Maybe MS is finally going to bring VR to XB1 & not make folks wait for XB2. Though might be a rec or req to have the souped up xb1.


Now if only there was an app that let my play WMR games that I bought from the MS store with my PiMax, grrr…


Not to worry I’m sure one will come. Aa Revive was made to let Steamvr main Headsets(HTC & Valve) to work & does help 3rdparty headsets like WMR/OSVR/PhoneVR & pimax headsets use Oculus Titles in Steamvr enviroment.

Just as Opencomposite helps folks on Oculus Platform run Steamvr titles without needing to run SteamVR.

Opencomposite is much like Pitool’s Oculus support in that it doen’t require SteamVR to run. So we will likely end up with either a Revive like workaround or a Opencomposite/pitool workaround.

Now it is possible you might be able to launch WMR titles as long as it’s not an exclusive MS WMR program… But would need those with WMR headsets to look into it.


Kind of old news. Stumbled on it along one of the past revive versions. Have not noticed any difference so far. Not sure though which applications actually do support openvr as of now+how they switch if they do. (Od+)