Mirq's Dilemma & Other Strangeness


It looks a bit as if everyone in here is starting to lose their shit.


From my point of view Pimax’s decision more than ever clearly shows their intent to hide truth from backers.
This decision comes after a long series of let’s say missbehaviour or clumsiness or lack of experience.

just when we all applauded their decision to let us test M1 they screwed it badly.

How many signs do you need @NoobstaysNoob to eventually realize that something is fishy ?

And what is the enormous progress that Pimax made in the last 5 months? The first movie I saw was in a DCS cockpit and it was not much different from the last movies like Elite Dangerous.
You can not definitely tell the difference because filming through lens washes away quality differences. What progress are you talking about ? The picture in the abattoir ? The optimistic declarations of Pimax team in this forum ?

Consider this for a minute: what if the huge progress is just in your head as a result of manipulation by your own mind, a deception fueled by hope.

Oh, let’s suppose I ignore sfejke . Who else then among us would be the tester we can trust and who grew with this forum and is totally impartial ? Sure there are many, Heliosurge, Industria if he is in anymore, Crony etc. Heavy names. I bet none of them is on the list of testers.

We don;t need now youtubers’ reviews . They should be kept when product is ready and marketable. We need the review of experienced VR users, programmers and technical skilled guys here in this forum. Gamers who actually play lot of games not reviwers. And that because Pimax needs technical feedback, not praise at this moment. It is again a marketing mistake. There might be all sorts of artifacts, the last thing they want is spreading bad rumors again.


Just go ahead and sell, please.

There is a significant difference between grounded concerns, which Sjef frequently voices here, and just somebody wanting to post something negative apparently without having much knowledge, nor overly logical thinking process nor paying attention to available information.
I enjoy reading Sjef‘s posts, even where I do not agree with them, but I hardly remember having read any of your posts and having thought ´oh, he may have a point there‘. The latest example is your remark on the Google prototype becoming commercially available at the same time as the 8K deliveries to backers. That is so off the mark that it is not even worth responding to.


If you enjoy Sjefs’ post then precisely you have noticed his slight disappointment about what Pimax does and does not. Also, you might know that he removed his pledge on 8K X. Kinda thing I am doing now.

So @Axacuatl, you feel confident with Pimax’ decision to avoid dedicated backers as testers ?
Don’t you think it was better if we voted for who the testers should be ?


They don;t lie because they are a scam. I always said they are not a scam and they will deliver.

I just say that they are overwhelmed by the challenge, and they have to tell little lies to postpone something that is supposed to come.
They have a history in lying. But not for scam, just from incompetence.

All their promises are exaggerations that will never fullfil 100%. See the refresh rate.

In this context, the chosen reviewers will coop with their little lies. those lies need to be hidden from backers.
That’s all.

If you dont think llike me, just remember that we all had to find out about CES artifacts from media or other people. Why ? Why there had to exist people outside this community that knew more things about Pimax then us. Because Pimax hid those facts from us.


Just don’t sell for this.


Well, I have my opinion because I bought a Pimax 4K after I saw lot of WOW reviews.
And guess what: Pimax 4K can’t be used to play games in a decent way (but Pimax BE can to be honest).

I think reviewers dont’ pay to much attention to the accuracy of the products. And that’s because their audience is common people, not a horde of furious backers that look at every detail.

From all, Sebastian does the best job in my opinion, what he showed about Lenovo Explorer was exactly what I experienced, but he took a lot of time to show vids and photos of the actual display and tested it in every way. I trust him.
The rest of vast majority just suck.


Where did you get that idea? Pimax has never said anything like that.
I’m sure there will be testers who are backers interested in studying the failures.


Good question. I thought I was obvious when I mentioned Sfeje. If he is not a tester then there is absolutely no reason for any other backer from this forum to be a tester. To explain why, would take to much lines and time.

We really need to tell Pimax that we want Sfeje.


Do us all a favor and stop spamming the forum with your schoolgirl BS. Sell your backery and go buy a giant unicorn



a> As you have already indicated, you are (or have) made alternate arrangements to dispose of your pledge. So why are you still here spamming and trolling?

B) Since you were among the number of individuals blasting me following CES, how can you righteously claim the moral high ground here if Seje is not immediately instituted as a tester?

I was blasted for my continued optimism and support of this project post-CES when I took the initiative to make sure I had people that I considered to be reliable actually attend CES and test the unit on multiple days. Not one, but a few - and at my own expense.

At this point of the discussion I only have 2 words to describe you - Troll and Hypocrite. You have proven yourself to be both.

For the good of the community, I ask that you refrain from your continued assault and defamation of Pimax on their forums - and I request that the moderators consider appropriate action as you have long since crossed the line from commentary to verbal abuse.



a) I am here to understand something which I did.
b) I didn’t blasted you, at worse case I was just disgusted, nothing more. Even Heliosurge whom you invoke sometimes had a more critical attitude to Pimax than you.

I am not a troll and not a hypocrite. I always advocated for prudence when it comes to Pimax because they lie.
And what is just about to happen is a part of their lie, which will prove me right, but will not be necessarily bad for the backers.



And it is at this point that I respectfully ask that this individual be locked from posting. Their claims have crossed from discussion and debate over into outright defamation and slander. They are not presenting anything that even remotely borders on rational, reasonable, adult argument.

Please take action, as this is a cancer that should not be allowed to metastasize further.

If you are unhappy with where things are and how they are handled, I suggest that you design/develop/fund/build/test/market your own VR headset and try to do better. Since you claim to have already disposed of your pledge, you have lost credibility and should look for your answers elsewhere.


Lol, funny. I give you a like.

If I didnt know you are serious, I could easily say someone has a better sense of humor than me.


I am not being funny, as I am deadly serious.


Well, that’s what you think. But trust me, you are deadly funny.

Ok, then why I cantt stop laughing ? Ha ?


If you refer to Hessfire, he started up with what happend to him months ago.


Damn you mirq… I had to clean up after spitting up my coffee on the keyboard from laughing…


Well, you laugh because you dont know things. Sometimes ignorance does that.

I had Oculus and is way worse than Lenovo. Vive was not playable in DCS.

Oddyssey will never see my country, Vive pro nope
So are you still laughing ?

Simply put: have you tried Lenovo ? I guess that you did, otherwise laughing was pointless


if you must give up food for this you should not buy it.