Mirq's Dilemma & Other Strangeness


Actually mirq… i have tried ALL the MR HMD’s now except the Asus model. I’ve also tried VIVE and Rift.

But come on… on one hand you say you’re willing to pay extra for the consumer model of the 8K if its the real deal… and I can understand that but then you go on say you won’t pay the extra taxes on the Samsung so you went with Lenovo… that’s some funny shit dude!!!

But I do have a question… I honestly don’t know much about European taxes. If a person (a civilian) from the States purchases the Samsung and personally mails it to your home… are you still liable for the European taxes?


I know you don’t, but when the list comes out you will. Well you might. Glad yo were able to unload your burden.
Oops, I see Helio spoiled it for you. So now you know the 2 who had announced and the point was that if you had been paying attention to their channels you would not have been in the dark.


This is exactly what I was about to do.
Only that I studied the custom fees, and found out about rules and they have the right to open the pacckage and apply a predefined tax.

I really suffer for not being able to buy a n Oddyssey. It reaches up to 700 - 800 dollars here.


Hmmmm… then I wonder. How would European laws work if the unit wasn’t brand new? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? Or if it was wrapped as a birthday gift and there was birthday card? Do they have the right to open the wrappings? That seems severe to me.


Even you declare a smaller value, if custom guys want, they open the package, look inside and apply a tax that is in a catalog


We put insurance on the package and we declare if it contains hazardous materials but that’s it. I never actually had to declare exactly what I sent to Europe before.


Really ? what company did yo use ?


Lucky you. I received Nolo VR and paid 25 % of its value. and not that it was illegal, they even didnt know what was that. I think it was the first Nolo in my country.


@Heliosurge @mirq @tomohm

Could someone please enlighten me on how discussion of Evading Import Taxes to have a competitor’s HMD shipped from the US is even remotely Germaine to the topic at hand (namely the M1 current progress)?

Seriously off-topic and needs to be moved off-forum and in PM or email, as I am sure Pimax does not want to be a party to and illegal act - even second hand.


Good point @Hessfire


OK… I deleted my post on getting around European taxes…


You shouldnt. You cant avoid them , unless the seller has a warehouse in Europe.


Well… you do have a birthday coming up right? But lets get off this now since Hessfire will get upset even though not all his posts in this thread had ANYTHING to do with “the topic at hand (namely the M1 current progress)” :slight_smile:


No I havent been able to purchase one yet from anyone so far.


Don‘t waste your time, he‘ll not sell his pledge anyhow, finding some excuse…


Why did you say so ? How do you know ? Pay attention since I am trying to lure you in rubbish discussion, as you said.

What didnt you understand from what I said here ? I am saying that It is a f…kin trap. Do I need to draw it for you ? And yes it is about the f–kin M1 if that was not clear enough to you.

You pissed me off.

I would say that you deserve to be banned because I always talked correctly about my beliefs, didnt hurt anyone, and never said that fellow users talk rubbish.
Yes I went ocassionaly out of topic but that’s happneing often lastly due to lack of info.


Pimax support mail is down ? @Heliosurge ?

What else is down ? Is this another strangeness or is it common enough ?


First time I have heard mail being down. Pm sent to pimax members


It happened exactly while I was transfering money to sell my pledge. Gosh, do I ever get rid of this nightmare ?

Even I could not predict this failure.

But thanks for the dedicated topic anyway @Heliosurge. I take it as a compliment, and I mean it.


Your welcome. Hopefully a team member is on soon.