Missing parts .wrong headset. wtf?



ordered 8k headset with hand motion.+ x2 base station and x2 joysticks.
what actually received 1x 8k headset with no hand motion.

6 months of waiting for what?.



Hi, I might be misunderstanding the title - you ordered an 8k headset and got a 8k headset?


Those are not released yet. Only headsets for now.


my order:
Pimax Base Station and Wireless Controllers with Thumbstick or Trackpad (Deposit) - Left Thumbstick *1 + Right Trackpad *1

Pimax 8K VR Headset with Hand motion - Headset with Hand Motion]

i got only the pimax 8k headset. no controllers,no base stations no motion trackers.


No one has received it.
Their report is after 2019 Q3.


wait let me get it straight. i made the order for the joysticks and headset combined. so i’m suppose to get the joysticks sepretly later on? because their not out yet?


Read the product name. It says deposit which means those are not released yet.
You should get used vive combo or something to play proper vr games.


You can use an Xbox controller for many games on Steam until y0u get your controllers, lots of pimax users are using old Version 1 Vive wands and base stations, I for one really hate the vive wands because they are touch pads