[MODS] SkyrimVR & FO4VR


I look forward to my Pimax finally arriving!


and this is just the left eye and the small fov :face_with_monocle:


Has any1 tried the Skyrim immersive VR tool? It gives you quick slots which is quite handy in VR


Yah, i tested it out, but i can’t seem to get it to work properly. I can see the grid belt and it looks quite okay, and you can scale it very comfortably any way you want with transparency and everything, but if i try to equip weapons or spells to slots, it won’t work the way it should. Grip btn doesn’t seem to work. Also you can only equip weapons or spells, and there are shoulder slots for weapon or shield. It costs some performance and it isn’t finished and working and mod isn’t updated since 0618.
So i don’t know. Not for me atm, but i am for sure interested in a working and fully equippable version for potions too.


I’m wondering how hard it would be to mod the game to not need parralel projections. It absolutely is needed at present for proper depth and three dimensional sensation, but i’d like the performance budget back!


Back before i got my 5k+ i had played 70ish hours of unmodded Fallout4vr on my Vive but it was about a year ago so i decided i would start over and add the DLCs+some mods to the mix.

Im on an i7 4770k@4Ghz, 16Gb of ram and a GTX1080.

Pitool version .121, quality 1, smoothing on, normal FOV.
Steam SS for Fallout 4VR set to give 2460x2101.

Config edits as relating to performance are these:
Character Lighting off
TAA off
fRenderTargetSizeMultiplier= 1.15

Im quite happy with how the game looks and runs.

The mods and load order im using are as follows:
FAR-Faraway Area Reform - default resolution
Insignificant Object remover
More Accurate Weapons v1.1
Vivid Fallout - All In Ones - Best Choice
More Where That Came From Diamond City
No More Fake Puddles
Better Item Sorting
Fallout 4 VR Optimization Project - Commonwealth - Downtown
Quieter Settlements - Vanilla
Quieter Settlements - Wasteland Workshop
Quieter Settlements - Contraptions
Shaikujins Better Alerts
Automatron DLC VR Fix
Fallout 4 VR Optimization Project - Nuka-World DLC
Fallout 4 VR Optimization Project - Far Harbor DLC

Ill note that the Automatron DLC fix isnt 100%, it allows you to build bots in a somewhat clunky way in VR, something which doesnt work at all without the mod…
But to actually finish the final part of the quest i had to use console commands and glitch through some doors.

After just finishing the Automatron DLC ill say that if i had known how annoying it would be i would have skipped the Automatron DLC VR fix and instead gone the route of moving my save file to the desktop version, played through it flat, moved the save back into VR and then applied the VR fix.

That would have been a much smoother way to enjoy the content and would enable VR bot building afterwards.

Im just over 25 hours in at this point and im having a (postnuclear) blast :slight_smile: