Months and still no support

I’ve now logged two issue about my 8k and after a few emails they said they would do a replacement…

Nothing since… That was the first email and issue since then I’m facing other issues and have not heard anything back about this issue as well.

I’ve used the head set for no more then 10hours and it’s now just a paper weight.

Where is the support and customer service?

I have invited Matthew.xu

Can you describe to me how the headset has “paperweight”. Ie no power to headset (no red led on headset when wall adapter plugged in).


Thanks for that Dan,

I’ve emailed Matt already a few times so let’s see how this is now.

All issue as listing in those emails but the issues I’m facing are dead pixels right in the center of my left eye… And also the outer side of the screen the light is bleeding right around both screens. It’s very hard to be immerses when the screens are leaking light… I’ve changes settings and my position with in the headset to see if that would help but no.
The issue wasn’t there from the start.

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Yeah that’s definitely sounds like something only an RMA can fix.

I am sure @Matthew.Xu will get things fixed up. Just likely atm overloaded. I know it’s not easy but please be patient Matthew in my experiences is very decent.

Ill do my best. But I’m already many months in to being patience.

I’m very sorry to reply to you so late. I’ve been replying to too many questions on the forum these days.

Just read your post, please rest assured that if you send me an email, I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time.