More clarity in small FOV?


just watched the review of a french 8k owner(video in english):

he mentions at 6:12 that when using the small FOV text etc is a lot less fuzzy compared to normal and large FOV.
if others can replicate that, it would be very valuable information for the pimax software engineers, i think.


I’ve not tried the small FoV yet. I’ll give it a go and see if the text is any less fuzzy.


With small field of view and a beefy GPU like the RTX 2080Ti you could crank up the super sampling to extreme values so you would get the best image possible for the panel.


I can confirm. Lowering the FoV often makes text clearer in some to many games in menus & such.


Just tried it in the Steam room and Virtual Desktop, and I could see no difference between small, medium and large FoV, as far as fuzzyness of the text is concerned. Text is easily readable, but fuzzy (8K).

I had to rebuild my computer yesterday, so only just re-installing the games now. Elite Dangerous is installing at this moment. I will see how the text is in there, using the small FoV.


Some information it gives in this video was not addressed par other reviewers ; like using a low end GPU has the GTX 1060. Could give us indication if we can’t wait before upgrading our GPU.


s@pimsome games & overlays like Steam dashboard will look the same regardless. Others will look better. I think it’s related to how well it accepts wider FoV compatability.

Much like 4k monitors/TVs at one point sucked for displaying fonts.


@Ludx is using a 1060 6g on his 8k.


This is a good new, it’s show that inner image processing can (maybe?) be improve without cranking super anti-aliasing


Do you really prefer the 8K now because of the SDE? it’s said in the french video by reviewer …


Yes Still prefer the 8k vs the 5k+ due to sde. Though for desktop work would likely use 5k+.


You have both side by side now?


Yes. I find the 8k could be a tad sharper & the 5k+ maybe a tad softer.


This happened to me too, but imho it feels like it you have steam ss on auto, lowering the fov simply allows steam to render the image at a higher res and so the text is clearer.


Yep, but…
Just got home with a 1080TI have to run tests now :slight_smile:


You had a GTX 1060 before no? I have one too eagerly waiting your results…


Yes 1060 6go

Ok after a few tests…I reinstalled drivers because…reasons
And first tests are very disapointing, in many ways.
With the same Pitool rendering (1.75), FoV (small) and SteamSS(20% yes to compare but I tried before 50, 100 200…), Project Cars 2 almost (yes not even really) maxxed out i get less clarity, jagged edges and “only” 60fps, was expecting about 80 for small FoV


Just to be clear you have the 8K and testing with your new 1080TI?


This! Lower fov will increase the recommended ss setting in steamvr. Hence noticing more clarity if you’re not manually adjusting or hitting limits.


But something must be wrong.
I will check what settings was using Sweviver or Sebastian when testing them (I think Swe give the settings but not sure about Seb)