More clarity in small FOV?


Don’t forget to overclock 2x your GPU and processor like Sweviver :wink:


My bad, it was medium to low ingame settings and get 60 or 70 fps with large FoV.
Will try this out, ok for the framerate.
But…wierd how it looks jagged, just like if anti-aliasing wasnt working properly.


@VoodooDE gave settings & is not really into over clocking. Though settings may have changed recently.


What exactly do you consider desktop work? I mean at least for now writing text, extensive browsing, video editing is not something people will do regulary in VR.

I understand that the difference in SDE is more a matter of individual perception (diagonal and stuff)
Do you really feel that apart of that the SDE between those two devices makes such a big difference?
I mean it was often told that there is a difference for those that don’t “mind” the diagonal pattern, but It sounds like that you personally feel that it is a huge one. This has been discussed many times but I am wondering whether you have tested a Vive? If vive is 10 and 8k is 1 where would you see the 5k? At 2? Sorry if that was asked many times already.

Thx, questions cleared through your review :slight_smile:


@Skyrimer @Chucksta
Does one of you run it on a 1080TI?
Iam curious about the low recommanded % by steam
For instance, Large, Pitool 1, SS recommended 18%

And before this is was different, 18%, but I reinstalled SteamBeta then 0.84 then non beta then .90…and now 54 and @100 and same settings resolutions are different that in the last Sweviver video when he show the same thing.
Shouldnt the resolution be the same for everyone but only recommended setting differents?

With Parallel projection activated, just in case, again normal FoV and 1.0 pitool rendering :


Pitool and steamSS are just multipliers for the renderresolution which can change with pitool or steamvr updates, all you need to look at is the second number of the per eye resolution. the 8k uses a 1440p signal, so if you have a resolution of “something x aroundtwothousand” you have about 50% supersampeling, which usually is a good balance between performance and clarity.


At first, I got disapointed.
Then with approriates settings I was happy.
And excited to upgrade my GPU to get the clarity I had on the small FoV with the 1060 but with more textures details and framerate on wider FoV.

Now Iam tired ot this, guess I should give it a brake cant get anything descent. Uninstalled eveything several times with dozen of tests between and Iam so tired of this.

Probably I should have choosen the 5k+


I usually just leave manual override off & use tge oer application to up above ap’s 100% &bor in game adjustments.

The 5k+ is about the same for settings play. It’s just the software is in flux due to being a beta stages.


I just watched Jabber video about Los Angeles meet up…
And Xunshu said about backers that have already received their headset the possiblity to switch/preorder/whatever to something else, when announcing the BE.
I asked for a 5k+ :expressionless:


I dont remember what GPU you have.
Iam looking for someone with a 1080ti to tell me what %SS are recommended according any settings of pitool (fov and render)


I have a 1080 ti. Zotac Mini.

I have left steam on Auto (reports my gpu on manual around 42%)

I then adjust mainly in game settings. @Fresco has joined us in tge 8k camp & has done experiments on a 980 ti & I think he has the 1080 ti system working now.

A very misleading game is Gunjack as it runs great even on r9 390 on all FoV I tried. It would likely do well on android.


For what FoV and pitool rendering?


Hello Ludx I saw where you where trying to find the best settings for your 8k experience with a 1080ti.
I think we will all be adjusting these settings for a long time as they continually make changes with pitool and steam vr I can only share my settings for SkyrimVR however at this time only having had my 8k for a few days and it being the only game I’m really interested in at this time I could possibly share my settings after having some good results last night if your interested in this game at all. Of course it may change tomorrow.
Let me know if you or anyone else would be interested.


:+1:Thanks for the recent change much appreciated.:heart_eyes:


Congratz for your headset !

Yes Skyrim is a really great game and an amazing VR one.
It actually run very well and sharp.
What Iam trying to find is what setting Supersampling Steam recommend with a normal fov and 1.0 pitool settings for a 1080ti. Or any others settings, just to see if it match on GPU only or something else.
As I said earlier, for instance :
With normal fov, 1.0, steam recommended settings are :

And I think we are all with the same version of software.


I mostly stick to normal. But we’d need to compare notes on games.

Gunjack (works in all FoV very optimised)
War Robots VR (Free)
Climbtime (Free)
Megaton Rainfall (being God like never felt so good)
MSI Electric City (Free)
VRchat (Free)
Vector 36
Bigscreen Beta (Free)
CDF Starfighter
House of tge Rising Sun
Alien Isolation
Pinball Evolution: The Summoning
The Solus Project

I have others but some really need motion controls

Pitool x1.0 or 0.75. FoV: Small
Hellblade. Medium settings?

Pitool x0.5 FoV: Small
Ethan Carter. Looks decent but has dble vision on some text & dream sequences.


Yes but, about the Manual override, global one.
It just looks like mine seems low. Low recommended % setttings.


With steam I disable manual Override & if want to increase Steam SS use the per application.

While globally Steam will run 36% in your system. This from my understanding say skyrim’s per ap setting at %100 is the global of 36% anything above the 100% increases on the base of 36%


Mine only reads about 42% a 6% increase over yours. Before Ryzen it only reccommended 16% & was restricted on fps more on the i5 6500.

FpsVR is a great tool for helping to find good settings for more stable fps.


Oh ok, so its not GPU based only thank you.

But for steam SS I think it more like, independant settings for each games, while some can run very well with highter SS some other dont, to avoid changing settings everytimes we can use per game settings.
If overrided it forget all per games and apply the overrided set.