More clarity in small FOV?


Just my own opinion after the little testing I’ve done with my OC1080ti and my Pimax 8K and this may go against the grain of what others may have said but depending on the game I would disregard the recommended suggestions in steam VR it really varies from game to game and what your pitool is set at and fov. I know you said normal and 1.0 but for Skyrim I’m using pitool v84 wide FoV and set to 1.0 SteamVR for example I set to 100 percent totally disregarding their recommendations.
Also using Nvidia control panel settings properly can make a huge difference to most games as well.


Keep in mind in his case where Steam aets a global of 36%. 200% per game should be at a guess 72%.

Now you could do the reverse & set steam overide to 100% & decrease Per ap SS accordingly as well.

FoV seems to change steam ss targets somewhat or at least last time I checked.


Since I see him Lurking @Chucksta is also an 8k owner. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Yes FoV does change this and even Parallel projection.
But, what I wanted to know was if SS recommended is based only on GPU and Headset as steam write it above the slider or on something else since I have barely highter % recommended (with the same Pitool settings) that Sweviver has in his Dummies video but on a 1070 laptop.


Although I have fpsVR downloaded was using it with my Vive prior I have not used it with the Pimax will do so now because it is a great tool for showing total combined rendering as well a fps. Maybe I miss understood as easy for me to do Heliosurge but doesn’t the steam overide do just that overides the supersampling for all apps and you have to disable the manual overide to change on a per app basis.


Not from my understanding. FpsVR shows 2 supersampling settings & combines them for overal from what I seen.

For Example my i5 6500 paired with 1080 ti said 16% Gpu for Global where as paired with the R9 390 said i believe 100%. So at a guess SteamVR auto gpu SS value might involved something like the bottleneck calculator. But in this case calculates an auto base SS%.

The Ryzen jumped to 42% global.

So at a guess that might be wrong is that at 42% means by default a title is running at 142% SS in my case without per ap modifier.


My bad, yes that is that.
“Its a multiplier on the top of the current global application resolution settings on the video tab on the left.”
So yes that how you said :pray:

But what I wanted to know is for whatever settings of pitool (but I have to know them to compare and set the same and see what SS recommend us), what are the % SS steam recommended to someone with a 1080ti.
Because in his last video Sweviver, with some pitools settings (I set the same) match almost mine(recommended SteamSS%) but he has a 1070 on a laptop.
And I want to know if the recommended settings are only related to GPU+headset or more.


I think each setup will have it’s own reccommended auto SS. In theory one might be able to base tge additional modifier on other setups but would need to compare among similar & different setups.

@SweViver recently if mem serves has mainly bern using in game SS & maybe Steam’s SS/ap modifier.

With pitool on 1.0 to 1.5


Hi Heliosurge just used FpsVR for the first time just now with the Pimax and found that it is showing 28% steam SS here I thought it would atleast show a combined ss from pitool plus steam VR settings ss slider at a 100%. I must be one of the Dummies SwiViver speaks of. I still can’t understand what is going on. At least when I was just now in SkyrimVR it was running wide 170 fov with 1.0 getting average 79.8 fps who needs Steam smooth motion image was sharp and clear for me at this setting. Must try adjusting steam slider to see if it really has any effect.


With FpsVR not sure if it affects immediately or not but will allow you to use the “+” to increase SS on the desktop.

Some games will run exceptionally well, while others need tweaking.


@Heliosurge I tried it on Arizona Sunshine and it worked immediately, in game.
Think not everygames does this


Awesome. I figured it might be hit & miss. :laughing:


I bought the “New 2018” Alien Isolation on Steam the other day when it was on sale, then I realized it wasnt for VR? At least It didnt seem to work in VR so I got a refund. Now its back to $39.99. Is it actually VR??


You have to download the VR mod & then run it with the launch option -steamvr


That is exactly what I was thinking. It is probably also why some people are reporting no change - they might be using manual override.

Pitools v76 + firmware?
Pimax 8k 170/200 FOV is a Success and Usefull!

Indeed though some games or at least menus I think are trying to force the FoV causing issues as well.


I didn’t have ss running in auto.

Since several days I am fighting with my new gpu and I figured out a few hours ago that even my 1060 was actually running bad.
My daughter with the same 1060, i7-7700@3.6 and 8go ram get 8.7 at steamvr perf test and with my i7-7700k@4.2, 16go ram I get 6.7.
So this partially explain why the 1080 don’t run correctly, looks like I have MB issue.

So in the end I was running a 8k with a 1060 a non correctly working pc.

Still haven’t find what’s wrong…bios flashed, new Windows, etc etc. I am in this mess since Saturday :disappointed_relieved:


Ouch how different is your 2 systems? Same MB & Ram? Just yours overclocked?


That’s too bad. Someone posted a link to a benchmarking tool on this forum, which discovered a RAM configuration issue I didn’t even know I had. I sped up my framerates from 5 to 30%, depending on the situation.

Here’s a link; I hope this helps you track down the problem.


Mine is i-7 7700k@base(4.20
Her is i-7 7000@base(3.6)
My MB is a MSI pro carbon and hers is an Asus z270prime pro.
She have half ram of what I have.

I swear this is driving me nuts