Motion Smoothing out of Beta in Steam VR


Does anyone know if Pimax 5k+ will support SteamVR’s motion smoothing?
It’s out of beta now.

Just wondering what their plans are for PiTool.

Any updates on what they want to do with it?

They really should just let SteamVR handle it all.


I’m not sure if that’s possible. Pimax is using their own HMD renderer instead of the SteamVR compositor, because the SteamVR one is not suitable for wide FoV. I’m not sure if it’s possible to apply steamVR motion smoothing that way


Better question is how it performs, does it helps, does it feels like released version, do we need this at all?


I tried motion smoothing on the Vive Pro, and it works great for PCars 2 and IL-2, which are GPU-intensive games so Im sure this kind of tech would work great with pimax, if it works at all.


Need to see if it supports on things like WMR headsets.


The whole thing of motion smoothing is that it works like ASW but allows positional smoothing, while ASW works only for rotation. In games like PCars and il2 there is no positional change, these games run perfectly fine with async reprojection.