Movies that are better in 3D than 2D


Just for the fun of it,
let‘s share the movies that you think are an extraordinary experience and take overwhelming advantage of it being 3D in contrast to 2D.
So even a couple of really bad movies are surprisingly lots of fun in 3D.

Unfortunately movies like Ready player one, Star Wars were great but not thaaaat much of a different experience. Some other movies are even less enjoyable in 3D than in 2D.

So pls try to stick to the ones that make a difference.

Here are my absolut favorites:
(yes, there are lots of animated ones, I’ll leave em out for now)

Life Of Pi
Final Destination
Judge Dredd


While you missed Avatar obviously, many say surprisingly Terminator 2 is also better in 3D.

actually I found the list i did some moths ago when i was doing some research for good rated 3D flicks…
there would also be
Space Pirate Cpt. Harlock
In the Heart of the Sea
Guardions of the Galaxy 2
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate
Top Gun (yes that one)
and not so highly rated
TT3d Closer to the Edge
The Seventh Son
Resident Evil Afterlife
Pacific Rim
Drive Angry
Underworld Awakening
John Carter
The Martian

oddly enough many scifi there, must have sth to do with a world we don’t know ourselves to know better


Honestly :sweat_smile: Avatar was my first 3D movie and I personally didn’t like it that much. Saw it in 2D a year later again and thought that it was obviously only the very beginning. I like if stuff is thrown at you, monotone scenes looking even bigger. I remember 2 special 3d moments in avatar, but hey everyone is different. Anything else besides…avatar?
Terminator 2 is an epic movie already, wow I’ll give it a try (but it’s gotta be re-faked 3d, right?)


Indeed there is filmed in 3d (not as many films) & converted to 3d


Thx for your suggestions there are many that I haven’t seen by now. So you say all of those flicks are a better experience than in 2d or just good movies that happen to be in 3d?
As I said it is not about ranking. Take Final Destination which is hands down a shit movie that I’d give 1/10 but in 3d it’s 9/10


Honesty one of the best 3d films I have seen for depth of field and motion parallax. …considering it was converted to 3d with post production…is jurassic park. If you haven’t tried it then please do so…it’s how 3d should be done


Yep, recommended 3D movies based on forums comments n amazon opinions


I have watched Gravity in 3D many times in my Pimax 4K. Although the colors are somehwat washed out, the spinning scenes in the beginning take me completely on board, it’s a trip!


Thx for the suggestion, I kinda hated all jurassic park movies (Did not use to play with dinos when I was a kid) but I guess it the kind of movie that really shines in 3D, so I’ll give it a try for sure.


Amazon and IMBD ratings are very unreliable. I figured though the everything above 8 is usually worth to watch but some are badly rated because they are a niche and not apreaciated by many like horror movies. And most of the movies like are available in 3d and 2d they are mostly rated on the 2D experience. That is by the way exactly why I started this thread.


I did the work and read comments on amazon to find positive opinions about 3D quality, I’m not stupidly looking on star ratings too