Moving Pimax 4K guts to the new housing (adjustable IPD lenses)


Hi All,

did anyone hear about anyone moving Pimax 4K electronics and screen to the new housing?
(sorry for the subject getting your hopes high :wink:
There must be some higher quality VR housings, perhaps one of those designed for phones?
P4K is very much limited when it comes to adjustability to individual IPDs and adjusting for far/near sighted ppl.
Adding @Heliosurge @sjefdeklerk , you seem like one of the more active members here, feel free to add anyone who can contribute.
My last attempt before I try the hardware IPD mod…


I think @Pimax-Support has mentioned they are considering an update to the 4k model (redesign). However i don’t think we can expect this any time soon until the 5k/8k/8k-X are complete.

However it is likely that the updated design would require to purchase a new 4k with the updated design as it wouldn’t make sense to continue to use any of theold model’s hardware componets as they have new advances.

I would guess a redesign may involve adding laser tracking & other goodies. But either way will need to wait & see what may come.


That being the case, all the unfortunates who bought the original Pimax screwed up.
We will not have VR controllers, we will not have correction of the ghost effect.
Good to know.


As for ghosting issue there is no reason why this can’t be trimmed up to match 1.1.92; now it might not be possible to improve it much better beyound that due to the original design.

As for controllers? You can run steam(vive) controllers with Lighthouses by changing a steam config to run them without headset tracked.

An interesting possible option to add tracking to the pumax 4k/be models. Mighr be the Vive tracking puck & of course pimax can likely make a laser tracking clip on for the same idea.

Keep in mind those who invested in the Vive would need to replace headset & controllers with buying the Vive Pro; if they want to take advantage of Lighthouse v2.0 - Since Lighthouse v2.0 is only compatible with Tracking v2.0.

Now Tracking v2.0 sensors are backwards compatible with v1.0 lighthouse.

*** & who knows as for new housing upgrades as the Team knows many are not shy on modding; so they might :smirk: release a do-it yourself headset frame to transfer the guts too. :wink::wink::wink:

But until something officially posted; its all just speculation.


ok, let me repeat then :slight_smile: did anyone hear about anyone moving Pimax 4K electronics and screen to the new housing?


Not off hand though some did talk about. From my experience with dissambling mine. You would want to keep the core intact (Lens holder mount to screen Assembly)

From this, the “core” has wires going to buttons & headphone jacks.

The Huge con with any drastic mod; 1 could damage their headset.

Other cons you’d likely need to remove the Lens holder mount to shave rim off & allign the core viewports for the lens & install buttons & headphone jack mounts.


Hi, we are also improving our Pimax 4K all the time and we have solved the ghosting issue in P1.2/P1.4. It will be listed around April. Please stay tuned with us .Thank you!

Pimax 4K vs WMR

It will be solved using software? Or all of us 4K users will need to pay for new hardware to avoid ghosting?

@jascjazz @xunshu @Pimax-Support