MRTV: How To Attach Deluxe Audio Strap To Pimax - The Frankenpimax Tutorial



Hi community,

some of you asked me how to attach the Deluxe Audio Strap to the Pimax 8k / 5k(plus). I have made a video for you, it is really simple.


Bye, Sebastian

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Surprisingly simple with a bit of velcro. Am looking forward to news about my free audio strap and when that is likely to be ready to ship as well.


Wait the pimax won’t ship with the improved strap? God damn ittt any release date on this? @xunshu

Please someone tell me the improved strap will come with headphones atleast lol?


All the reviewers are getting the cloth strap so far and we haven’t seen any signs of the strap, so yeah I think it is a fair bet to say it isn’t coming with the headset because it is not done yet.


i receive this knowledge gratefully.


you have terrifying faith in velcro.

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Later as all the previous updates said.


The one thing I worry about with the pimax “halo” style deluxe audio headstrap is that you cannot press the hmd up to your eyes as needed. Otherwise the halo design is great.


Go to a hardware store and get “industrail grade” Velcro. It is stronger than you will ever need for a hmd. I’ve used it for holding 5-10lbs over years without needing to replace it.


@mixedrealityTV @SweViver
Hey Sweviver! Exactly what you have asked for! Now it should be even more pleasant to do your M2-review. thx Sebastian!


When i was working at one factory they used loop to loop instead of the fuzzy side.


Keep your sexual work relations to yourself please :slight_smile:


@mixedrealityTV That’s an awesome mod! Thanks for the tip!


It might be a little bit (too?) early, but maybe we should allready open a new thread “Modding 5K/5K+/8K” or maybe even a modding thread for each iteration of headset?
This modding by Sebastian would be a great first post! What do yo think? Greets


Could be an idea for sure. Hope pimax starts working on forum structure. This 8k category for example should be Renamed to 8k Kickstarter & a new Category for the 8k with sub categories if doable.


So this strongly suggests that Sebastian already knows that Pimax will be shipping the 8K with the crappy first-gen headstrap even though one of the first kickstarter stretch goals was a deluxe headstrap, and Pimax announced like 6 months ago that they were already working on it. :frowning:


Deluxe headband not ready til later see update.


That’s not new info. Pimax has said the that deluxe strap will be shipped separately, at a later time than the headset. I’m more than a little bummed out by this. One of the things I want in a headset is good, comfortable, built in head phones (and a microphone, which IS already integrated into the headset).


The microphone is there. :wink: You can apparently in the meantime use the earphones jack on the headset.


I will definitly try out the frankenpimax. I hope I can detach the DAS from the vive without breaking it. I remember there was some force needed to attach it…