MRTV: How To Attach Deluxe Audio Strap To Pimax - The Frankenpimax Tutorial


Actually I love the use your own audio head set think
I got the odyssey and while having good audio, the headphone don’t reach to my ears in a comfortable way - so I would rather use my senheiser. So it’s actually cool we will get both.


i think i might find some kind of closure with HTC in smashing my vive with a hammer and dragging the DAS out of its corpse.


Hmmm. This somehow feels like the right approach… I think I’ll do that, too. :hammer: :smiley:


To avoid detrimental vr withdrawals; reccommend waiting until pimax arrives.

For best results have Vive dig it’s own grave. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


No, I recommend to keep it and use it once in a month to shiver in horror as to which SDE etc. you had to endure in the early days…

No, on a serious note, I will keep both my broken-under-warranty-yet-not-repaired-Vive and my Rift as a fond reminder of how it all started. Can‘t blame them for progress being made later (and I don‘t own the Vive Pro - that one would deserve being snashed for bringing little improvements with an exceptional price tag)


looking at the clips on the headset and how the man used Velcro, i have an idea on how pimax might design the new head strap.

a lamp shape is a circle cylinder. the mod to this would be to cut the cylinder in half vertically.

this cylinder straight edges are attached to two pieces, one piece per side, the pieces on the cylinder are not movable.

on the headset are two pegs, one peg per side, and they are immovable.

the pieces on the cylinder are stuck to the pegs on the headset using Velcro.
also the pieces on the cylinder encase the peg on the headset so the headset isnt flimsy.

this way the cylinder can be at different parts of the peg for the left and right side, to suit unsymmetrical faces.

and on the back of the cylinder is a strap to keep the headset from falling off the head.

the cylinder might not fit on the head size so its split vertically down the middle and the two pieces of the cylinder are attached using another strap.


Yes. Why they couldn’t just copy the Oculus or WMR headstraps

Pimax Eric got to try one more than a year ago :wink: