MRTV reporting on StarVR One - He's blown away by it


And @mixedrealityTV also tried the StarVR One, for the people interested:
Going to watch it myself too now. Some bullet points:

  • Best FoV on the market, better than Pimax and XTAL. Everything is screen
  • Best VR experience he ever had
  • No distortion at all
  • Extreme sense of presence, really feels you’re there, very real sensation.
  • Difficult to see any SDE at all
  • Best image quality he has ever seen in VR
  • “Soon” pricing information and launch date


And this is why Pimax’s horn tooting about 2*4K screens means nothing.


Exactly. And this is why launching with bad lenses is a really bad idea. Hope they got the distortion right in M2

The great thing is Star VR has proven wide FOV is indeed possible!! Looking foward to trying a headset with genuine presence :beers:


I’ve contacted StarVR about the IPD range of their product. Let’s see if they’ll react.


IPD should be a non issue. Those lenses are giant, and the eye tracking will dial it in.

I feel bad for Pimax that both Voodoo and Sebastian lauded the lemses while being testers for Pimax.


I hope you’re right. XTAL is only < 68, which is just too low for my IPD (70.5).


This shows they are unpartial, exactly like they should be. If they love any other HMD, they wouldn’t be allowed to say so? I’m really happy they do!!


Wonder why Ben from road to Vr thinks it’ll be Priced At around a thousand ?


Ben said: “StarVR hasn’t announced the price of the One just yet, but we’re expecting >$1,000”

I’d myself be amazed if it was closed to 1k. I’m expecting $2500-$4500 myself. But it all depends on how they see the market: how big their possible enterprise market is and how big the high end gaming market is.

If they’d price it at $1000, they’d wipe out most gaming competition, that’s for sure. Everybody will want it for that price.


Give me two 4K oled Full RGB,full panel usage , then I’d gladly pay up to 5K for it because I wouldn’t be buying another headset for at least three years .


Just dont let Sweviver try it. He’s in a happy place now with his “M” collection :slight_smile:


I can only Imagine What assetto corsa would be like with this on,DAMN …decisions decisions !


Almost everything is screen. They even said that themselves. But, it still sounds like a great field of view.


I’ll just politely copy and paste what I wrote on the Iracing forums a couple minutes ago:

Ladies and Gentlemen…at long last our dream is finally coming true!!! Sebastian Eng(aka MRTV) has just posted his impressions of the new Star VR headset, and all I can say is fucking WOW!!! Sign be the fuck up NOW! I AM SPEECHLESS!!!

JUST…watch the video and drool…

I am buying this headset NO MATTER WHAT!!! I don’t care HOW much it costs!!! Even if it’s $10,000 I’m buying it!!! Even if I have to sell my house, sell my dog, sell my wife, sell my car…DOESN’T MATTER!!! I’m getting this headset at all costs!!!

210° FOV with NO distortion!!!

Fills up your ENTIRE human view!!!

Virtually NO screendoor effect despite a lower resolution than the PiMax!!!

Excellent lenses!!!

NO God Rays!!!

Are you fucking kidding me??? Pimax who? Pimax what? Pimax when??? Pimax just got their ass handed to them. It’s game over for them!!! This HMD is going the THE HMD to end all HMDs.

This is the one guys!

I’m so stupid excited right now I literally can’t even contain myself!!!

How many of you are buying this HMD regardless of the price?


I will be. You forgot to mention its OLED 90 Hz :wink:


But its a premium vr, it will be at least 2000$ only the headset, but its perfect in everything. good job they done.


In the interview Damon said that they started the original project in 2011 so they had SEVEN years to perfect the lens and everything…this is the amount of time it takes to really tune up things in an advanced VR project like this, so it makes sense they are ahead of anyone else; I suppose Pimax got inspired by their headset but had only roughly 2 years to engineer and test it up…and they are going to sell it to you at almost perhaps one quarter the price…keep in mind these factors the next time you’re going to to say that pimax is disappointing and is taking too much time to finish the project.


They said Sweviver is too positive on Pimax. Look what he had to overcome. What will happen to MRTV now? :expressionless:




2.5 Years of developing those lenses if I got that right - they look damn good!