MRTV reporting on StarVR One - He's blown away by it


They look simply amazing, and so different from the ‘fried egg’ design from Pimax, as posted on Reddit:

(original thread with images:


I guess those lenses cost more then the whole pimax 8k…
I would pay for some carl Zeiss lenses …


2.5 years for the lenses, so we have to accept the limit of time which pimax have.


Which brings us back to the point that Pimax should REALLY investigate if they could offer an 8K with the V2 lenses, even if it doubles the price, to compete with this MF of a headset in the business & hard-core enthusiast space. If they can make the 8K(X) work with such lenses and get some serious GPU power going (either if the 2080Ti really is a beast after all, or VR SLI finally arrived), the 2x4K of the 8K(X) could be the superior in some aspects after all…

And no, really don’t expect the StarVR to come in anywhere even faintly near to $1,000. The components alone will have been more expensive (quality lenses, OLED) and they will have to spread their non-recurring costs (mainly R&D) over a lower volume…


Im not going to buy it if it cost more then 1500 euro. The main difference with this headset is the type of displays and custom lenses. Im not a big fun of “black” color, i dont pay that much attention to such things, and paying lots of money for lenses… doesnt sounds like a very good deal.

Will you pay for this 2 things additional thousands of dollars compared to pimax?


I have posted the lenses lionel used in the Infiniteye V1 thread.


Wow…very bad lens, it’s easily discernible with a quick look that lens like these make distortion as soon as the eye moves in the area out from the focus ring… plus, there will be probably lot’s of god rays generated from so many concentric circles.

Ugly design in my opinion, hope Pimax is not going to use it for the final release model.


May we have 2 options.

  1. wait pimax to solve all issue in next gen.
  2. wait starvr to decrease the price and launch the consumer version.