MRTV Review: Cybershoes - Improving Immersion Step By Step


Dear Pimax Community,

probably you have heard about the Cybershoes. A very successful Kickstarter project that was fully funded in less than an hour and by now has already collected more than 200k US$.

I had the chance to thoroughly review them in the last 3 weeks and here is the full MRTV Review:


The Cybershoes have truly surprised me. I did not expect much when I first saw videos of it. Actually, I had dismissed them after watching the first videos of people using them, it simply looked way too awkwared sitting on that swivel chair and doing these walking movements that you need to do.

I was wrong. The Cybershoes are actually incredibly fun to use and bring immersion to another level. It feels actually not awkward at all to use them and after a few moments you will directly know how it works.

The Cybershoes work on all SteamVR games that offer free locomotion and compatibility with Oculus Rift games is in the works as well.

Another added benefit is that the Cybershoes actually reduce motion sickness. So people who normally have problems with free locomotion might want to give these a try! There is no disconnect anymore between what you see in VR and what your body actually does, and therefore you won’t feel motion sick anymore.

There are two modes. One is called “Follow HMD”, and the other one is called “Follow Cybershoes”. In the Follow HMD mode, your in game character will walk into the direction you look at. The “Follow Cybershoes” mode is the better mode. It will simply walk into the direction that the Cybershoes are pointing at, and you will be able to look at any direction, without changing your walking direction. Like this, you could actually also “strave”.

For all VR fans who do not have the money or space to buy an omnidirectional treadmill, the Cybershoes will be a great alternative!

Sincerely, Sebastian


Thanks Sebastian.

I don’t know, to me it all still seems too weird. The beauty of standing is that you’re standing. To sit on a swivel chair and moves seems wrong. What about ducking, diving etc. I don’t see how it would be any good.

But I trusted you for the Pimax and that had paid off nicely, so on that basis I may have to listen to you again :slight_smile:


Yeah, it looks strange. And I had exactly the same reservations as you. You simply gotta try, it’s much cooler than it looks.


Just imagine you’re sitting on a rolling chair in game :slight_smile: And riding with your legs pushing from ground :slight_smile: Why not? I think it will feel quite natural. Hope I’m not wrong :slight_smile: Yes, duck squat etc moves maybe will be kind of a problem. But except this I feel optimistic.

Backed this at beginning of kickstarter (early bird) thanks to MRTV! Anyway it’s cheap but it can be very very cool. If this will be at least partial solution while I haven’t space for treadmill I’ll be absolutely happy :slight_smile:


You can’t step sideways, right?


I actually snapped one of the last super early birds :slight_smile:


I backed the Cybershoes as well, you may have helped me make my decision. :wink:


A Super early bird with carpet came available, so switched to that. Means a regular Super early bird is now available!