[Multiple problems] PiPlay won't detect headset or NOLO VR, controller firmware broken


I’ve been trying to get my VR setup working again after setting it up at a friends house with no manual.

I tried updating the NOLO controllers. I managed to update one but the others update failed. I also failed recover the controller and now it will not connect to anything under any circumstances.

PiPlay will not detect my PIMAX 4K headset, NOLO VR base station and my controllers.

NOLO’s own software can detect my PIMAX 4K headset, NOLO VR basestation and one of the NOLO controllers.

So to summarize:

  • One controller doesn’t work at all.
  • PiPlay can’t detect any of my Pimax or NOLO hardware
  • NOLO software can detect all my hardware except for one controller
  • I can’t get anything but PIMAX test image and Windows desktop to display in my headset

I’m pretty much helpless now.

@sjefdeklerk @cmm @Pimax-Support