Must have VR games/software


Hello everyone!

Currently I use my VR headset for DCS and Project Cars, ED and Google Earth.
Apart from those, which other games/software offer the best VR experience? Are there any good adventures or strategy games?


Beat Saber, assetto corsa, budgets cuts, coumpound, arizona sunshine, etc…
igg-games is my best friend to test games then purchase the ones I love


I like adventure and strategy games.

Its an older game but I think still relevant, The Solus Project, its not a FPS but there is alot of adventuring and some puzzle solving, puzzles were not tooo hard, had to youtube some of them, but I loved the game, great scenery and Ill bet it looks killer on Pimax 8K or 5K+. It looked great on my Pimax 4k.

Another one that I just started playing is Gunheart, recommended by Sweviver, Its all about blasting aliens and?? Well Im not sure what else just yet since Ive only played it for an hour or two but I think its great, Im playin Gunheart on OG Vive right now. It kinda reminds me of Farpoint on PSVR.

A lot of peeps like Subnautica. I played for a while and will probably get back into it when my Pimax 8K comes in. :metal::beers:


:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: - great VR adventure survival game


If you like mechs checkout vox machinae.


the climb looks very good


Not bad and if one I think it is (free?) Also friendly to :video_game:


DCS World steam is free too and awesome, I think you can play with a stick/pad


I have the oculus version of elite dangarous.
Can someone please tell me how i get this to work with de pimax please?
Ill be greatfull.



Have you tried launching it from pitool? As pimax works in Oculus home and steamvr


Yes, thats the thing.
It says i have to launch it from oculus for the newest version?


use revive, and just create a laucnh.bat file on your desktop to launch the revive command for you


Thanks .
And one more question.
How do i start skyrim with modorganizer?


I have no idea sorry


@Fresco is a good resource for Skyrim. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I’m in need of a VR-desktop using only mouse and keyboard, because i do not have “vr-controllers”. (Maybe i will buy them later on,)
(I’m using win7 and do not want win10.).

I have spend many hours searching for a good solution. Seems all of them uses controllers.
Please help.


Checkout Bigscreen Beta might work somewhat.

Also check free content directory in 5k 8k directory in banner there are free alternatives that might support regular controllers


Subnautica can use kbd and mouse


Thanks for helping. I will give it a try. At this moment i’m at work (night shift), but when i’m at home and awake, i will report back. :wink:

Seems “Big Screen” for windows needs Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher. Big Screen for Steam uses win7, i’ll give that one a try.


Also try worlds at war (free as it’s still being worked on) and elite dangerous can be played on mouse/kbd as well