Must have VR games/software


@ Enopho. Thanks for trying to make me happy, but i want to see and use my windows in VR. :wink:
Does somebody use the Rift “Virtual Desktop”? And do you like it?


Hey guus. For you @ poke no spaces. I had that in a post as to not poke the person before needed. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Me sorry. Time for me to go to sleep. :slight_smile:


My apologies I assumed you wanted anything using kbd and mouse… Not specific desktop viewer


I have no clou why ppl wanna stay on win7.

I feel that win10 is a huge step forward, also
in terms of performance.
If someone may be paranoish in terms of data privacy he should consider a completely different OS anyway.
Win10 is cheap so money can’t be the reason either.
I had some drivers from oder hardware that were not signed when moving from 7 to 10 but could work around that problem starting windows once in dev mode.
The new distribution of settings and system options takes time to figure out but now I actually apreaciate it.
It’s just a matter of time when changing is inevitable, so better do it now.
Of course if u wanna stay on XP, 7 ect. It is your rightful decision.


Well there was a neat project called Reactos that never left Alpha but was making gtreat strides as a binary NT compatible.

But yeah I think it’s mostly due to concern of personal security. But smart phones in that respect share just about as much.


Don’t wanna judge. But I frequently laugh at even close friends of mine when they even dare to talk about security matters…
They expose themselves to the most ridicolous risks but talk for hours about eg. that apple pay is not safe. Followed by “the man” discussions…
Most of them even do not know what cookies are or what they actually do, Java Script, https ect. just to name some very basic ones.
If they feel exposed to their stupidity next argument is “and…I don’t want them to make money of my data”…:joy:
Granted, there is lots of stuff you can do to at least keep it to a minimum, with probably lots of tricks that I have not heard of either. I bet I could do much more stuff, but I’d like to leave and enter the house without locking/unlocking 10 locks everytime. There is a healthy balance though.
But wanting to use a futuristic device on a stoneagy PC/OS for security reasons, sacrificing lots of very needed performance does not add up.
This was more of a philosophical chain of thoughts that may shine a light on pragmatism.
Of course anyone can drive his Pimax on win 3.1 if he desires to.


Everybody has his or her own reasons to do or do not. I have my own reasons. I’m not that old but in Europe at the beginning of the year 1900, the government began registering people, their origin, their faith and a few more things. Thanks to this administration people were later murdered, tortured or mistrusted.
What happens now with all that gathered information in combination with the further development of artificial intelligence. And when the wrong people come to power, what consequences does this have for you, your children and your friends ?
That is why I will always try to remain as anonymous as possible. At least as good as possible.
In my country (the Netherlands) we already talk about identity theft and the possible consequences. I hope never to experience that myself, the consequences are incalculable.
Oops, that was very offtopic. Let’s have fun now, we only live once.
And i still have not found a “good” virtual desktop. Maybe I should have more patience. :wink:


Actually this is very on topic.
My point beeing disregarding your…very strange but of course absolutely very entitled to do whatever opinion of “the man” privacy veganism (sorry, just thought it’s funny to say it like that, no insult)…is that you asking about software that may very likely not run as desired because of your choice of outdated OS.
I’ll exagerated a bit of of course but the question is a little bit like:“What is the best working Video Editing Software for MS DOS?”
This significantly limits the range of probable recommendations. Whether it is igpu Support (quicksync), multi Core handling or many other stuff that was greatly improved on win10 may render the same virtual desktop application useless or less “good” on win7.
I tried lots of them…on win10 I like VD more than BS. With Keyboard and mouse I like Vorpx a lot but this will hardly run great on win7 since it is very demanding.


Why are people concerned with this person’s choice of operating system?

Win7 has extended support from Microsoft until Jan 2020 and is still a valid operating system! Referring to video editing software for DOS which ended its support back in 1991 is no comparison, not even close!

Now if you actually have a support solution for this visitor then please feel free to chime in, but let’s leave the ‘why are you using outdated software’ when it’s not officially outdated, especially as this person has their own reasons for using it and that is their choice.

It may be that there is no valid vr desktop application available on win7 but that would be the answer and not questioning this members choice in OS.

I will check with the our Microsoft Devs when I get in the office later today.



It’s too bad those folks that were working on hacking dx10 into xp were not successful.


I have checked with our devs, and they said that Windows 7 has no official VR Desktop applications because of the way Win7 does not support the latest desktop imaging API’s and there is no DX12 support. They did mention that Virtual Desktop should work although they are only aware of it being usable through information from some of the tech forums and they have not tried it themselves. However bear in mind that virtual desktop will not work with 4k video etc but should be fine for things like day to day work and internet surfing - the performance may not be optimal though.

hope this helps



I feel like you actually did get my point after all.

Support blah blah but in fact outdated OS (like Dos,lol) for this particular request of software recommendation does help shit. Yes Win7 still does a awesome job for certain use cases but they were not related to the question.
So my concern,the OS, was to consider that these things do not go well together.
Having the dilemma of privacy concerns (for reasons that are 99% beyond my control) and software that simply needs a newer OS.

Of course the comparison to DOS was, as already admitted, a far ridiculous fetch but in the end it was just intended to deliver my point which is obviously valid.

So in order to help in a productive way the only move was to talk about the dilemma. Which could be solved or minimized with various solutions.
E.g. use a cheap blackberry (or old pc) android for browsing, win7, patched win10 for subjective better privacy and use win10 for gaming only.

btw. there are lots of ways to set windows10 to a reasonable privacy level, u do not need the store for example, with its apps being bullcrap anyway. But I’m sure that there is far cooler stuff for better privacy than that I know of.
I bet eno is the most valued expert on this topic with the best contacts and may point to sources to ease privacy concerns with win10.

Just to name one possibility. If my fun sarcasm on that particular topic (that I love bitching about) sounded insulting I deeply apologize. I just wanted to help, and simply saying “No” would have felt too little of help.


Hi Noro,

I actually find most of your posts very informative and knowledgeable, but i think you may have misunderstood why i questioned your last post… it was not in regards to the fact that that there are no current VR Desktop applications for Win7, more that you are saying that Win7 is an outdated OS. When Microsoft still support it and will continue to offer extended support for another 2 years.

So this member has a valid question… asking if there are any VR Desktop Application supported software that work with Win7 for me is a valid question. sure, asking him if he is able to use Win10 is a simple question, and the member (no matter what his reason not to upgrade) reply being NO is also a valid answer. It does in this case limit his ability to leverage off the performance on a WIN10 build as well as the image API’s and DX12 architecture, so will limit his options. but lets not forget that ‘i don’t think it will work on Win7’ or ’ Sorry never tried it on Win 7 as that OS was around before VR was really mainstream’ are also valid replies.

hopefully he will be able to test Virtual Desktop and will be happy, and you never know … some clever 3rd party techs may release another VR Desktop port for win7 in 6 months time! who knows :slight_smile:


You’re right of course. Just wanted to advertise win10 for a much much better VR experience as we gonna need every drop of performance, driver support especially for the Pimax.
I did not intend to make a religious discussion, everyone should use whatever he likes best for whatever reasons. I just find the philosophical trade-of discussion (eg. Alexa, Siri, Cortana) how much we are willing to sacrifice (with and without our knowledge) vs great, comfortable and increasingly cheaper use of software very interesting and I may have gotten carried away.
I’m for example on iTunes, amazon music ect. and with ppl pratically playing though their privacy does not p(l)ay into my pocket. But I have…sadly…accepted the unavoidable truth that I can not stop that and make the best out of it.


lol… you don’t have to sell the OS to me, or i would be out of a job! :slight_smile:

i’m sure we will be having a similar discussion in 4-5 years time over GPU support in a VR environment as 1070’s and 1080’s are 3 or 4 versions behind, but are still supported but the VR Generation improves dropping support for these cards!



I actually have an idea that may work :slight_smile:

At least Vive and P4k have a desktop mode that basically detects the HMD as a monitor instead of an application like BS or VD ect.streaming to the HMD. Have not tried it (just found out by accident with my vive) but win7 should be able to detect it. So this may be a good alternative and worth checking out since it is for free.


Check free Content directory.

Virtual Space has mouse & keyboard support.


All Hail Linux! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:



Nice one