Must have VR games/software


Playing The Talos Principle VR last weeks. Seems this is the best game I played EVER.


My favorites are Beat Saber and Rec Room.


The Skyrim world is the most immersive for me thus far…


Witching Tower works great too. No parallel projections needed either… :nerd_face:


I mean everybody knows about the big shot titles. So I really like Gun Club VR which is not much of a hip game at all. It is even quite dull admittetly but most fun for a wave-shooter kind of game. Love that you have loads of weapons to choose from and you can skill those weapons as well. The way to reload the weapons is neat too. Enough modes to play through so it does not get boring. It is no “wow, what an immersive game” but it has great replayabilty which bigger titles often lack. And it’s great for a casual ride. There is no “Let’s play Skyrim for 10 minutes” if you know what I mean.


If you like to build stuff and hang out i highly recommend you try Anyland, ive got 1400+ hours in there and while the community is somewhat small, its really friendly.

It takes a little bit to get used to the scripting system but after you do there are few things that cant be built, im a construction worker IRL so that might tell you a little of my “learn2code” aptitude.

Im the brain a jar (based the look on 80s TMNT Krang) in the trailer on steam, everything you see has been hand built and scripted inside of the game itself.

The dev (Philipp) is very active on the steam forum and adds features and fixes pretty much every week.

This is the release trailer from back in 2016, it pulled me in and ive been staying around.
There is a lot that has been added since.


Awesome is this a free game?


Yes its free!

It will ask if you if you want to support it every couple of weeks but you dont need to, just click away the dialog if you want.

I got in back before it was made free and have actually bought it four times, 2 for my steam accounts and 2 more to give away to friends, even now that its free ive joined the patreon to help support it.

Have a look at this vid for a quick intro for how stuff works ingame:


Awesome will add to free content directory. Inet shoddy atm on the road.