My 8K has been broken for well over a month. Nothing is being done to fix it



I opened a ticket and initially got a quick response. Since then things have got very quiet and even with repeated requests nothing is being done to fix the issues my 8K has.

Hole in casing
Tracking loss
IPD adjustment blocking screen during gameplay.

Since my 8K is unusable I have been trying to buy a 5K XR to use while the 8K is being fixed. I have asked several times if there is a 5K XR ready to ship and have been ignored every time.

This is a funny way to treat a repeat customer. Any response would be appreciated.


@Dallas.Hao, please have someone look into this.


Is the ipd adjust overlay staying on screen even when not adjusting?

They seem late responding to many.


@Heliosurge @Dallas.Hao

Hi Guys. Everything was explained in the support ticket but I’ll go through it again.

IPD dial is broken, As I move my head the IPD dial also moves. Either the dial has no friction to keep it in the same place or the dial sensor is broken.

The biggest problem I have is also detailed within the ticket. Tracking is as good as complelty broken. It takes a long time to get the 8K to track. Even when I do get it working if I touch the 8K or wave my arm infront on the headset it loses tracking. Clearly VR was not ment for you to stay in 1 place without moving your head or moving a controller which is the only way I can use the 8K right now. Its usless.

Here’s a picture of the hole in the casing. Guys the whole unit needs reapairing, I see little point doing a remote connect to address the tracking when there are obvious hardware issues that need addressing.


Ouch that is serious. Hopefully Dallas & @derekvvv can get this issue expedited.

To test ipd dial maybe a strip of tape… But either way still needs to be replaced imo.


Haha, my support tickets have been ignored for months now. Also I received mails stating my issues as resolved.
It’s almost funny how they handle disappointed customers.
Maybe there’s a life lesson to be learned somehow.



kindly give me your ticket number,



have you got tech support?


Tech support was spoken about but nothing ever come of it.

RE: SUPEN-3209 8K - Ticket was opened 02/04/2019



Alan is replying you .


@DerekVVV @Heliosurge @Dallas.Hao

Alan asked for my backer number. He’s saying again after 6 weeks that he wants to test the broken headset. I feel enough is enough. I’ve waited over 6 weeks just to be told the same time wasting tactics as before. 6 weeks ago I would have been more than happy to let you work it all out but its clearly just stalling tactics so please just send me a return address so I can get it posted back for repair.

The headset needs fixing and it can not be done with a live connect. The hole in the casing will not disapear and the IPD adjustment can’t be fixed online either.

The ticket I opened seems like its been closed, I’m unable to login so I’ll have to post it all here. Was my support account deleted or something?


FYI - You login to the support system using Your mail address.


I’ve tried every possible combination of email and username. The funny thing is I’ve requested a password reminder 3 times in the last 30 mins and none have arrived.

Bit of a coinsedence don’t you think?


I don’t think the reset password function works. I don’t it has ever worked actually… :grin:

@Doman.Chen can probably reset Your account.


please provide your login account(email),I will try to reset your password,thanks.



I have checked your ticket, noticed that the headset was bought from another backer.
because your ticket is too behind, I may miss it so just reply you here.
please PM me your private email, we make the subsequent returning procedure.
or just send message to


Hi Derek, I sent you my address and contact details two weeks ago and nothing seems to be happening again.


@SweViver can you please help him?


2 weeks ago? give me a minute.


I did not find a PM from you , give me you email.