My 8K has been broken for well over a month. Nothing is being done to fix it



1 month later and still nothing. Glad my reviews are killing sales quite nicely.


After all this time all they do now to avoid warranty is just ignore support tickets.


Yes they reply within 3 days with an unhelpful response and then never reply again.
I guess the 26th time they said they’re now on top of support was just like the other 25.


These lot are the biggest joke in the industry.

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I have invited Yuki & @SweViver. Maybe tgey can help.


@boothegoopc Hey mate, let me double check this ticket and I will get back to you shortly!

Edit: sorry I got a little confused at first…


@boothegoopc I have sent you a direct message, lets take it from there and get this solved right away! :slight_smile: Very sorry for the long wait, something must have gone wrong here indeed…



How about me? Waiting, waiting…


Any chance of helping me out? Ticket #16237.
Mine has been broken since I received it. Asked for rma over 3 weeks ago for dead audio plug and if I touch the headset it greys out and dies (not a tracking issue, an electrical issue). There’s many more problems with it but they’re the two issues I used to request rma. I got the first response as promised rather quickly, unfortunately it was to ask to gain access to my PC to try to fix hardware faults! Haven’t heard anything since.


Was this long debacle ever resolved?


No. I was told 5 days ago,

“I will feedback your situation to our technical staff, and I will reply to you before 11:00 a.m.(GMT+8) tomorrow morning. Thank you.”

Have not had any reply since. Shame, I thought @Matthew.xu seemed genuine.


What about @SweViver ? I thought Pimax had caught up with all the support tickets .


I’m sure you’ll find in reality none of us got anything more than an email.

No better off than I was before the new support guy took over and was supposed to fix all these issues.


Hi @boothegoopc, Im surprised that you havent got a reply after 5 days. Something must have gone wrong here, as the support is very fast nowadays in most cases. Im sorry for this and I will make sure the support team gets back to you tomorrow morning (Monday).


No, its always been exactly like this @SweViver. Nothing has gone wrong at all, they are just carrying on the same way they have done for coming up half a year now.

Since the 1st day I asked for help this is exactly the way I have been treated by Pimax. They offer help then disappear then get annoyed when you ask why they are ignoring me.

Glad its all within a forum thread now rather than 5 months of emails between us all. At least now all potential buyers can see how they treat customers.

I even asked to buy a 5KXR while the 8K was getting repaired. They couldn’t even be bothered to reply to let me know if they had 1 in stock to ship. Now if that don’t tell you all you need to know about this company then nothing will.

Ordered my Index yesterday. Might as well get some use out of the Lighthouses.


Dear Alex,

I have been emailing you for three days since last Tuesday, but it was in my outbox until last Thursday when I found out, and I’ve sent this question back to our technicians.

I think you can leave your email address to me through a PM, or you can email directly to my email, I
will respond to you quickly. Thank you.

Attached the email screenshot.

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So 19 days after you are unable to send me any type of message I just get ignored again? I’m unable to login to the support site because you cant host a webpage Internal Server 500 error still.

I’m so glad this is for all to see just how bad the support is at Pimax.


Have you tried Support today? I think @Matthew.Xu posted earlier today should be working now.


Did you try again? I have already answered in other posts, and this problem has been solved.

Everyone on the team is working very hard to serve you, if it’s just that I didn’t respond to you in time, you feel like you’re being ignored. I apologize to you.

But you said: ’ I’m so glad this is for all to see just how bad the support is at Pimax. ’ Can you tell me how bad the support is now?