My 8K has been broken for well over a month. Nothing is being done to fix it



1 month later and still nothing. Glad my reviews are killing sales quite nicely.


After all this time all they do now to avoid warranty is just ignore support tickets.


Yes they reply within 3 days with an unhelpful response and then never reply again.
I guess the 26th time they said they’re now on top of support was just like the other 25.


These lot are the biggest joke in the industry.

Remember to leave a nice 1star review on Amazon.


I have invited Yuki & @SweViver. Maybe tgey can help.


@boothegoopc Hey mate, let me double check this ticket and I will get back to you shortly!

Edit: sorry I got a little confused at first…


@boothegoopc I have sent you a direct message, lets take it from there and get this solved right away! :slight_smile: Very sorry for the long wait, something must have gone wrong here indeed…



How about me? Waiting, waiting…


Any chance of helping me out? Ticket #16237.
Mine has been broken since I received it. Asked for rma over 3 weeks ago for dead audio plug and if I touch the headset it greys out and dies (not a tracking issue, an electrical issue). There’s many more problems with it but they’re the two issues I used to request rma. I got the first response as promised rather quickly, unfortunately it was to ask to gain access to my PC to try to fix hardware faults! Haven’t heard anything since.