My 8K has been broken for well over a month. Nothing is being done to fix it



How exactly have you been “working hard to serve me”? You ignored me for 19 days, how is that serving me? That’s the exact opposite. The last emai I got from you

From: Quorra Team via Pimax Forums <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2019 5:22:47 AM

My support account is empty, no tickets I can find

I have had no correspondence in nearly 3 weeks after your direct me to a broken support site that had server errors and then leave me without any help again. Do you think 3 weeks is considered acceptable?

I have had zero emails from you even though I have sent you direct emails on two separate occasions and on both occasions I forwarded on my email to bypass the broken support site, still nothing. I’ve asked one you your staff to put us in contact again as the lines of communication broke down again or I was just being ignored 2 weeks ago. The only time I get a reply is when I post on the forum. So now I know how to get your attention.

“’Can you tell me how bad the support is now?”

Yes I can, no different than its been for the past half a year. Everything your now doing is exactly the same as it has been since the start.

You keep promising to resolve it, typing emails solves nothing. I have sent every thing you need to start the repair process but have done nothing.

Lets just keep the correspondence on the forums from now on so all can see what’s going on.

Whats the next hurdle I need to jump???


5 days with no reply. @Matthew.Xu


Dear Alex,

I’ve created a new ticket for you, here is the ticket number: Pimax crack (#18038).

I’ve asked the team to give priority to your ticket. I think they’ll respond to you in ticket in a few hours. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Lol this is really bad… Hope the guy gets his stuff repaired or RMAd. Maybe even an extra hmd to sweeten the bad customer service.


So they finally managed to get out of repairing the headset. It took them this long to find reason to avoid warranty

Because I can not get them the order number they won’t fix it. I’m not surprised in the slightest, all it has done is prove how bad this company is.

I see no mention about obtaining the backer number when I asked. All they clearly said was if its been taken apart. They didn’t record the serial number when they posted it so it makes no difference. They can’t trace it so its pointless.

If anyone needs parts to fix their 8K message me, at least one of you will get a working headset out of all this.



@Matthew.Xu @mozi can you look into this & help this Gentlemen.

As a backer there is no order number.


I’m sorry to have delayed you for so long. I’ll follow up on your questions. Thanks.