My advice. Hold on upgrading/buying til Pimax gives a STRAIGHTFORWARD Answer

As a community we need to band together.

I don’t want to make it a ‘US against THEM’. It’s simply that Pimax has been really really terrible at communicating and giving us the answers we need to make an informed decision.

I made a thread a while ago compiling the information from Pimax Day into Text form

I was hoping I would be able to gather more answers but it seems like that is pretty futile.
As usual Pimax plans their PR Events on the Eve of Some National Holiday or even if there isn’t one there is one. I won’t be too hard on them since @SweViver and @PimaxUSA are reeling in from the long flight from Shanghai. But it’s pretty damn inexcusable to leave everyone confused.

Aside from whether or not the ‘Upgrade Plans’ are reasonable or not I think that can have it’s separate discussion.

Right now.

  1. The Taxes are not explained.
  2. The Free Shipping doesn’t seem to apply anywhere.
  3. The Prices shown and mentioned on the Pimax Day 2 video do not match the website.
  4. 3 of the ‘Upgrade Plans’ Plan E,F,G are still not up.

Of course there’s still 10,000 questions that need to be answered but these 4 are so basic it should stop you from even ordering.

Pimax HQ right now.


And also what happens with the 100$ coupon we got for switching from 8k to 5k+?


Hi Generic,
On item 1 and 3 can you provide some specific examples where these are wrong so I can point some specific instances to the web team? i.e. instances where the tax percentage is wrong (and the correct one if possible), which plan don’t specifically match up to the slide. etc.

Thank you.


Im sitting here with the team (yeah Im still in Shanghai) and they are looking at it right now. All problems will be resolved, please have some patience.

Those $100 were automatically calculated (or subtracted) from the price. If you compare Plan A and B, you see that all prices are 100usd less in Plan A than Plan B.


All option 2 from all plans have 100$ more


I cannot even set my address correctly, the shop/profile edit only has 6 of the 18 counties in Norway on the dropdown. I have sent a mail on the contact form.

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thanks martin,

I knew you guys would be looking at it, but some official communication would be great for the forum!!
thanks gary


@PimaxUSA @SweViver

Thanks for responding. I think what @Hoshi82 meant about the $100 is what if you want to use it for something else.



The most obvious is the one posted here. As @Mlkconcept mentioned selecting Option 2 displays a 100$ price increase compared to what was shown on the Pimax Day 2 presentation.

According to Plan A it should be 699$ but it shows $798

  1. Many people are paying over 200$

@thisempty is from Portugal. So the Tax calculation there is must be off or just really high.


@RobCram from the UK is paying 120 Pounds from Taxes.

These are some examples. I’ll try to gather more specifics. @lohan @thisempty can you guys provide more information regarding the Taxes here?


Hi PimaxUSA.

Regarding the tax issue. The main question is which tax is it? Should it be applied at all? Who is the Tax to? Which authority? From my research, sales tax payments should not be made to Chinese suppliers from Europe as they are A. Not registered for European VAT, and B. Not to charge Chinese VAT on exports. It could be a duty charge, but the figure is wrong, and even then, I think it should be collected at customs this end.

I have examples of people in my location in the UK being charged differing amounts of tax. I am charged $239. Others sail through the upgrade option with no taxes. And to make matters worse, for me and several others, choosing to buy the 8KX - standard none previous owner option - no taxes are applied. This makes the upgrade option come to roughly the same amount for me. And looks at worst like a cynical grab to remove the discount, at best a mistake. Another user is VAT registered - this means they should not pay VAT tax because they are buying as a business, even in the UK - and they still got charged the tax.

The address options for my territory are also insufficient. There are only four counties in the south of England and England itself is one of the options, but Scotland where I am is not listed. This is marked as a required field. Additionally, I have also seen the base 8KX price fluctuating by a few $. That in itself isn’t a major problem, but it hardly fills us with confidence in the buying platform!

Thanks for your help.


Yeah, the high taxes were indeed a surprise.
No more EU/US warehouse?


Thanks for looking at this.


There was no tax on the 5K+ when I bought that (early pre-order) and it was shipped from UK.

There’s 275$ in taxes this time and 80$ in shipping!

That’s 355$ extra… :astonished: Aren’t You shipping from Germany warehouse? Is the headset sent in a steel box or something? :grin:


To clear out the confusion about the Plan A B C and D with the option, we are really sorry for the mistake. The option “Keeping the eyetracking discount” is supposed to cost 50 USD more than opt-out, and it was supposed to be a way to keep your 99usd eyetracking discount for future purchase of the eye tracking.

But unfortunately (after having a meeting here) it seems our website team did not get the correct information, and instead they included the whole eye-tracking price (149USD) upon the “Keep Eye tracking discount” option. This is a mistake by us.

Later tonight or early tomorrow, we will split this it into 3 options instead (for all plans). Either you:

  • Opt-out from eye tracking and get the lowest price
  • Keep the eye tracking discount for +50
  • Or buy the eye tracking together with the HMD for +149 (the price you see now in the shop)

It will come with UK wearhouse but now with Pimax tax :wink: but only if you backer becouse in other scenario there is no tax…


So Pimax has dropped local warehouses as shipping points?


I have posted some for Plan A and 8kx with keeping eyetracking - it always adds 100$. So 699 goes to 799 for that.

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Regarding the taxes, Im confused just as u are. Neither me or Kevin were informed out any tax/VAT changes. We will discuss this internally. No promises made, but I need to get things cleared out first to understand why VAT now is put on top of the price.


Thanks a lot, Martin/Marcin! :wink::+1:


Hello @SweViver
I ordered the 8kx deluxe and kept the eyetracking coupon…
But i want the eyetracking with my order.
Can you help?


Thanks Martin, the follow up question is that are you shipping from China only? We should expect to pay the taxes anyway if thats the case.