My advice. Hold on upgrading/buying til Pimax gives a STRAIGHTFORWARD Answer

Is this really even a discount at all? When you do the math it doesn’t really look like it. So, lets assumed you bought the full package, and want to opt out of everything with Plan B. The controllers and base stations were 300$, the wireless stretch goal is 100$ value, the audio strap is 120$ for the standard version, the eye tracking is 100$ for backers, and lets just say the cooling fans are 10$. The 8k X upgrade price also supposedly has a 100$ discount. So, 1300$ - 730$ = 570$. Yet for some reason, you actually pay 750$. So in reality this isn’t really much of a discount at all.


I assume all of the backers who paid $100 too much ($149 instead of $50) on plan A, B, C and D will automatically get the eye tracking once its ready. Because 150 is what it costs for backers. Or am I wrong here?
All I know is that Robin said the website automatically added the 100 on top of the 50. The ABCD plans were originally meant to either include OR opt-out eye tracking discount (not the unit itself) which only should differ 50usd. Now when the full backer price for eye tracking was put on top, instead of the discount only, it means u have already paid for the eye tracking if u did ABCD upgrade (without opting out from it, of course).


I was personally discussing this with Robin this evening.


I dunno are you?

I’m not going to “assume” anything when it comes to paying over a grand for a product, until the website accurately reflects what I’m paying for theres no way I’m giving you any money.


Glad to see you finally come aboard to answer some queries. Hope you’re well. I give you an example, the other day I saw a forum member from NL that he didn’t have to pay VAT. I live in the UK(EU), how come there’s tax/VAT in my order?


@SweViver where is the option for NOT opting out of stretch goals?

Why is there NOT an option to apply my 8k to 5k+ ‘downgrade’ credit, along with the $300 I PAID for the full package, and the $100 backer discount?

Can backers have an option to keep their stretch goals, please?

I would happily pay $799 for an 8kX, given that scenario.

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Mistake after mistake after mistake. Pimax pleas make your work with Proffesionals. That is no more a joke for me.


They should have used our money to invest in something like this:



You have this one:

It’s the best deal right now.

Well, it’s a ‘deal’, but it’s not the best deal if I want to apply my downgrade and full package credits towards a headset.

I suppose you’d have to email your wishes and make a special deal, like they mentioned in the Day 2 video. But I don’t think that “deal” will be better.

What I’m really hoping for is a revision of all these plans. They’re just not good enough right now.

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What happens for those have already ordered and paid the extra taxes?? How quickly does pimax refund if we want to cancel our order?


i would like to know too :slight_smile:

You know pimax is always quick.


Order SO5008

I created so many tickets …many emails … 3 e-commerce
since 2 days back …

No reply at all :rage:
I pre order 8k+ and like to upgrade to 8kx
and changed my address to save shipping fees

Now my mind playing tricks to cancel that pain and buy index

@PimaxUSA @SweViver @Matthew.Xu


The team was not in the office during the weekend but the logistics and service team are there now. (It’s Monday morning). I traveled back to Florida so that took me out of communication for some time.


Ok, here comes some replies and updates to the most common questions right now:

  1. The incorrect prices for plan ABCD with are now updated in the shop, and the price differs $50 if you keep your eye-tracking discount or not, just as it was supposed to be.

  2. The plans E and F are still not available because we are still waiting for a 3rd party approval, which we should have got last week already. Without the approval, we cannot have the E and F plans active in the shop.

  3. Regarding the VAT, currently there seems to be a problem sending the units through the UK warehouse as before. The units which are already there in stock can be sold with VAT included in the price (as before). But as of now, the first batches of 8K+/8KX might need to be sent directly from Shanghai. This is very unfortunate, but the team is trying to find a workaround for this.

  4. As for the eye tracking discount (worth $100, which you can out-out from for $50 and use the monet for a headset upgrade), its NOT possible to use the $100 dicount value on any other accessory. And let me explain why:

  • from a consumer perspective, the $100 discount is a value of $100 in cash of course. As simple as that, right? Well, no. For a company giving you a discount, the value is strictly calculated on a per-unit basis, because the margins are already minimal - and also differs for each unit (headset/accessory/etc). Many Pimax units (such as the 8K+/8KX headsets themselves, already has minimum margins/profit, many times a few dozen of USD per unit, or less.
    If you subtract another $50 from that price (100 instead of 50), this means Pimax is basically losing money on each sale if non-headset dicounts are put upon the headset price instead. We somehow need to realize there must be a profit for a company to survice. Giving away headsets with a loss is not an option for anyone. Maybe Microsoft (as they did with XBOX 360 and XBOX One) can do it, but thats another story and we are talking about a company with a different budget, that also gains the big profit from software/games sales - which Pimax is not.

We have more than 1000 (order) tickets being processed since Day 2, and the whole team is sitting here almost next to me trying to solve them one by one. If every person creates 3 tickets like you did, you are really not making the process faster. I hope you understand this.

Quick enough to bring you new VR tech for a competitive price - before anyone else.

We will see. Nothing has been confirmed yet and I cant answer that.

Read above :slight_smile:


Sweviver I wish the best for you guys I really do.

I think what @tld28 meant was Pimax is always quick to do updates with a hint of sarcasm.

It looks like what I anticipated is true. Theres probably mountains of tickets because the website was launched without being properly tested.

I wish you guys the best of luck in solving everything.


I see Plan D vat has been revised, please update my order: SO4804, I originally purchased the wrong plan (A), was confused. please someone update my order. Thank you.

And for those that already purchased before you fixed the price, will that overpayment be applied to the eye tracking module upon release? If so are we just taking your “word” for it or will there be something in writing for this 4-6 months from now or whenever it is released?