My advice. Hold on upgrading/buying til Pimax gives a STRAIGHTFORWARD Answer

in the shop it showed me that plan F was available and in doing so i was able to add it to cart and purchase the item. however after finally pressing the payment which was 179usd (aka the price of plan F) i was shocked to see that the plan switched to the leap motion module aka hand tracking. Could this please be fixed up and moved to plan F when it comes out. Order [SO4411]

really quite upset that it changed over since i have been on edge of my seat waiting for the controller plan. thank you.

We put in $100 in credit for switching headsets, instead of getting a refund.

Of course Pimax needs to make money, nothing wrong with that. However, breaking promises affects credibility in a way that can cost more than taking the $100 credit loss in the long run. This is very short sighted and not how you gain loyal customers. Sometimes you have to take a hit.

VR Enthusiasts are not economics school textbook sheep consumers and if we are treated as such, loyalty will be accordingly.


If i dont want to buy a 8k+ or 8kx,

What can i use my 8k->5k+ $100 coupon on?

There, simple as question.

Edit: mathew answered this question, can spend the coupon on everything in store except 3rd party items.


Noted. You know that many folks will check that delivery route and if we get that unit from UK this forum will be HELL.
Also are you sure that VAT which we are paying to pimax will be correct for each country? I dont want to pay VAT to Chinnise comapny becouse its alway problem in local custom and sometimes happen that we paying double. Please dont collect VAT we will do it localy.


Pimax took my £100 and did what with it? Spend it? If they did then that’s their problem. That £100 should of been kept to one side, it wasn’t their money to spend.

I didn’t say take my £100 spend it and if you’re in such dire financial straights keep it because I’m good throwing money away.

Why do Pimax need that £100 more than I do? Am I Pimaxes rich sugar daddy now who is happy to throw £100 away?

I invested in a Kickstarter and thankfully Pimax were successful in delivering my 5k+ I am grateful and thank Pimax for that. I agreed to use the £100 as store credit to help Pimax out and not give them a financial bomb down the line. I understand business and start ups. But for Pimax to turn around and say kiss your £100 goodbye is wrong wrong wrong.!

It’s now obvious Pimax have less than £400,000 in the bank because they can’t afford to fulfill their promise of store credit.

They won’t have enough money to create new lenses for new products down the line and the whole business will sink into the abyss.

Sad but if Pimax were on the Apprentice - you’d be fired.


Well thank you so much …the team are solving my problem :grinning:

Thanks for the info man :slight_smile:
I hope my questions here will also be answered :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t draw such conclusions and make them sound like facts.


I also don’t agree with it but when the company drops half clear statements and a botched webstore and then en mass leave the internet for a few days… well… Let’s just say I’m not surprised to see these posts.


We are still waiting for base stations and for the option to change into valve controllers. When the hell are you going to ask us?

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Recently, many people consult, which may cause our response to be slow. But as long as you create a ticket, we will definitely reply to you. Thank you for your patience.
By the way, you just need to create a ticket, you don’t need to create a lot of tickets. Thank you.


Thank you so much… i got a reply yesterday ( to pay the upgrade difference 180$ … i tried and shows 1$ difference cant pay ) and since then back to silent :no_mouth:

should i open new ticket ???

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In general, don’t open new tickets unless previous tickets are closed to you. You should continue to post in the original ticket until the issue is resolved or closed. That’s true of Pimax or any other ticketing system.


Wasn’t the payment in Kickstarter in dollars? Do you mean $100? What did you pay £100 for? Could you please explain what this was for? Is it a recent post Kickstarter thing that is outstanding?

The situation as it stands, is Pimax can’t send anyone anything until new designed or acquired parts are in stock, e.g. from Valve and others who are optimising products as we speak, before they are bulk mass produced.

For example, Pimax don’t make Index hand controllers, they have to wait for Valve to post their products to them first (order them), and then Pimax redistribute them back, globally - this all takes time and organisation. I would imagine, this was never planned on being the case, but perhaps Valve changed their business plan along the way, who knows?

It’s currently 5th Nov, and the very first new ‘Vision’ headsets will get sent out to backers on Dec 18th meaning early backers in the USA might get their new gear before Dec 25th. March 2020 is estimated release date of the Sword/Sword sense controllers, so many are in for a considerable wait.

Therefore if you are an early backer (under #500) I would pencil in a date of sometime in mid to late January 2020 in UK/Europe to receive your newly designed 8K+/8K-X headsets if you’re waiting. If a later backer, at the very end of the queue, perhaps around early February is more realistic?

As for eye tracking, hand tracking module, it would appear these will be ‘showcased’ relatively soon, maybe the eye tracking in a few weeks. So parts are getting completed and will appear in the coming months.

I can sense your frustration but I would try and remain calm because like all companies, if you are polite, respectful etc, you’re more likely to get better customer service as no one likes being ‘got at’ with baseless accusations of financial difficulty, especially in public including people of differing cultures 10,000 KM away who may react differently to say, how Westerners would. E.g. some Asian cultures see public criticism as deeply shameful, even on their family level (e.g Japanese). So one needs to be mindful of this I feel.

As the old adage goes, never criticise the Chef, or they might spit in your soup!


Thanks alot :grinning:

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You don’t need to create a new ticket. The team’s response may be a little slow.
Thank you for your patience.

I can wait… not asking pimax to create a rocket …i just ask for upgrade and its already 5 days

Anyways you can be free to upgrade after a year or so … its all my mistake
or you can cancel my Order better for both

Thank you for your patience, the team has begun to process your order.


Thank you so much Matthew for great supports :grinning:


@Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA @SweViver

I’m still unsure about the difference between the following two options, especially because the price is the same, can you explain?
I preordered my 8KX with plan D and feel a bit betrayed now, is it possible to get a discount code for e.g. Plan F?


For me it looks like I opted out of my backer stretch goals (except the eye tracking) but get no further discount in return.